Friday, June 17, 2011

Returning to the blog: links, new tools and updates

Good morning everyone, yes, I have been away for a bit : ) . Our son is now officially a Marine, he graduated in May,  and he currently is doing some more training in San Diego and then will be going across the country for more training for his specific job.  We are very, very proud of him, though it is very hard to not have him with us.  Thanks for all the support you have shown, I can't tell you how much I have appreciated your emails and comments.

Don't forget to "like" the "AfterHoursStamper" Facebook page, I have actually posted quite a few links there, and try to post something at least once a day (some of the links will be posted here as well, some will only be found on Facebook).

Now...onto some other exciting news! I am currently teaching Scrapbook classes at the Westgate Michaels in San Jose!  The first set of classes started this last Friday, and continue for three more Fridays (June 10 to July 1).  The next Scrapbook classes will start on July 8th and continue on Friday evenings until July 29th.  You can enroll in the class by visiting the Michaels at the Westgate Mall, 1600 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, phone number:  408-379-4717.

I will also be hosting a Crop night at the Westgate Michaels, June 18th,  from 2 to 8 pm, the cost is $5 and gives you access to all sorts of tools at the store, as well as design/technique help from yours truly.

In the near future I am also hoping to be teaching some card classes, stay tuned for more details.

Though I haven't been posting, I have been taking some pictures, the butterfly at the right has been a visitor where I work, finally got a picture of it the other day and just loved the color combination in the picture.

Even though I have not been posting much, I have still been saving all sorts of interesting links for you, and I hope that you find the links below useful, fun, interesting and cost saving : )

Ready?  Here we go:

Design Seeds:  You are going to LOVE this site!  A fantastic resource for color combinations, lots and lots of examples and beautiful combinations for any of your paper crafting.

Wild Orchid Crafts:  This is the online source for flowers for your cards, great prices, and now they have two blogs, one for sharing projects and another blog for challenges (with some cool prizes).  Make sure you stop by both for a nice dose of inspiration.

Digital Publishing in the Scrapbooking Industry:  GREAT article on which publications offer digital versions of their publications.

Coolibah:  For those of you with IPads or IPhones, this is a free scrapbooking app.  I just downloaded it, but haven't played with it too much yet, will let you know what I think after I have a chance to play with this app.

ScrapPad:  Another scrapbooking app for the IPhone/IPad.  I have this app and have played with it a bit, and so far I like it.  And here is a video review for you:

Miss Art's Papercrafting School:  This looks interesting, quite a few classes offered and for a good price too. All of the classes are offered online, another nice feature.

In case you have not yet become a fan of the AfterHoursStamper Facebook page, here are a few links that have been posted over the last week or so. (To see all the links just visit the page and make sure to "like" so you will get the new links each day.)

Copic coloring tutorial:  Nice tutorial on coloring flowers, especially the step by step instructions.

FREE online Magazine:  You are just going to LOVE this online magazine by Whimsy Stamps.  Make sure you take a look at the Distress Ink coloring tutorial, which is in an easy to follow step by step format.  Lots of great information here.

Colored Pencil Studio:  All things colored pencils can be found here, a wonderful site with tons of information on colored pencils.

Feels good to be back!  Again, thanks for all of your support and for sticking around during my LOA : )

Enjoy your day and have a GREAT weekend!
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Anonymous said...

I sure hope you don't give up the blog!! And I can only hope I'm not missing out on some great links by not going on Facebook!! I refuse to fall prey to these things like Facebook, which uses face recognition programs to find you, not to mention the iPads that have secret software installed that track your every move. So, please don't give up the blog!! I really enjoy your posts!

Jheffner said...

HI there Lisa,

I am not going to give up the blog, and will be posting on a more regular basis, and almost all the posts/links I put on facebook will be posted here.

Thank you for being such a loyal reader : )

Debbie said...

I am soooooo glad you are back! You don't know me but I have been worried about you. All of my good thoughts and prayers will go with your son. It is so hard to let our children go and even though it is a good thing that they are doing it just feels rotten! I love your blog and I also follow you on facebook! Thanks so much for all the info you bring us!!

Jheffner said...

Hi there Debbie,

I just needed to take a break and focus on our son, and yes, it is hard to let go, especially when your child enters into the military.

Am back again, thank you for following me on facebook and for reading the blog, it makes my day when people leave comments.

Thanks again : )

raindropecho said...

Thank you for linking the magazine :)

- Ann

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