Sunday, June 29, 2008

Great source for design and how to videos: "The Scrapbook Lounge"

The other day I was surfing and found "The Scrapbook Lounge." What a fantastic resource for how to videos! They have an archive section that is filled with all sorts of tutorials and neat ideas for both scrapbooking and stamping. Actually the lounge is contained on a site called "TV Weekly" and there is also a "channel" for knitting and other crafting called "Plum and Verdigris."

The archive section for "The Scrapbook Lounge" has a wonderful selection of videos that will keep you busy for literally hours. For instance there is a "Shaker Card" video that shows you step by step, how to make a great shaker card. And if you would like to see how you can use a magazine page to make a butterfly card, then check out this "Butterflies are Free" video, really neat!

You will find pages, yes pages, of videos, many of the older ones are specifically for scrapbooking, but I have found that many times I can use a scarpbooking idea for a card with little or no effort. Another thing I like about these videos is that any templates they use are available on their site for download, as a matter of fact, a link will pop up in the video and you can click right then and there to download the template, how cool is that!

Below each video there are design guides, as well as the templates that you can download, and with 130 videos there are more then enough to keep you busy. They also add a video each Friday, so don't forget to check back there frequently. You will need to sign up to be able to download their project designs and templates, but the process is quick and free.

And I just LOVED this folded envelope vedeo and you will also get some wonderful hints on embossing. While hearts are used as the element to hold the card together, I bet you could think of another shape to use, experiment to see what else might work.

Hope you have fun watching these videos, let me know if you find one that you really like (haven't even come close to watching all 130 yet).

Here is to an exciting Monday!

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