Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Quick post tonight: Cheapest prices for supplies

I don't know about you, but here we are suffering from the high cost of gas, which is over $4.50 a gallon right now. Yes, you read that number right. And food? It is nothing to go to the store and come home with very little for over $50 (anyone else have a 17 year old son living at home? $50 worth of groceries is a snack for a 17 year old boy).

Tonight's post will have some links to what I think are good (or great) prices on items we all use when we are stamping, or items we would love to have if the price was right. If you know of better prices, or other items not listed here that you have found at a good price somewhere, please post a link in the comments section and I will update this post.

When comparing brands for price, make sure that you are comparing apples to apples, ie is the cheaper product the same size or does it contain less product which then makes it equal in price. Always remember that while you may save on the cost of an item, shipping can cause you to pay the same or more then you might pay if you just bought the item locally.

Best Prices for craft supplies

  • Snail Adhesive: Tombo Permanent can be purchased at Discount Office Items for $5.69 (82 feet, about 1/2 cent per inch) and if you order more then $50 from this site the shipping is free. If you don't want to order by mail a good alternative to some of the higher priced adhesives is the Office Depot brand, the refill is $2.69 (472 inches, about 1/2 cent per inch). I don't like this adhesive as much as the other craft specific adhesives, but for a substitute it works just fine. Also, I only get this adhesive when I need to go to Office Depot for other office supplies, and just get a couple to have on hand.
  • Nestabilities: Cut at Home : You need to sign up for their mailer and then you will get a 40% off coupon! The discount makes this easily the best price online for Nestabilities.
  • Mini-Lighting Photo Studio: Radio Shack has the best price, $19.95 for the box, two background, two lights, and a table top tri-pod. The online page says they are out of stock right now, but you can sign up to be notified by email when the product becomes available. If you have a Radio Shack in your area give them a call and see if they have this item in stock (save that gas : )
  • Embellishments: Try Oriental Trading for embellishments and other stamping supplies. Their quality is spotty sometimes, but if you order with a specific need (where you don't have to have the best quality) you should be fine.
  • Dollar Tree and Big Lots: There is a Dollar Tree next door to my Michaels, and usually I go into the Dollar Tree first to see what they have on hand. The link I have provided is for items Dollar Tree sells in bulk, the stores usually have a much larger selection of items. Sometimes they have large supplies of crafting things, sometimes not, you have to just try to get there as often as possible. I find that they have a great selection of Christmas things each year, many of which can be used for cards. And Big Lots has some neat craft things at good prices as well, especially inexpensive storage items, again, you have to visit the store to see what is on hand.
  • Craft supplies for kids: Discount School Supplies has a huge number of crafting things for kids, and since it is summer, I thought this would be a good link to throw in. They also have a few items that you might be interested in for stamping.
  • Target Dollar Section: I am not sure that we have a Dollar Section at my local Target, am going to look, but from what I understand Target has added "Dollar" bins or sections loaded with things at many of their stores. Don't forget to look for the Dollar area when you are shopping.
  • Ebay: A few words on Ebay. Yes, you can save money, but you can also end up spending more then you thought, especially with shipping. Shop carefully on Ebay, I have made some great deals on lots of stamps and Copoics, but I have also over paid for stamps and markers (a lesson learned!). Ebay usually has all sorts of things for sale, including die cuts and more. If you want to save money you have to set a cost limit for yourself and STICK to it. Ebay also has a tool that you can use to have Ebay look for the things you want to bid on, it will bid for you, and stay within your price range. This tool is called Bid Assistant. If you are outbid for the item, the auto bidder will look to see if the same item is being offered somewhere else. Check it out, really cool way to bargain hunt.
I hope the above list helps you find some great stamping bargains! Please post your own bargain links in the comments section.

Am off to bed, have been staying up WAYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too late and it has finally caught up to me! Happy dreams all, and hope your day tomorrow is fantastic.


Donna said...

Hi Jacquie, we are having the same problems over here in the uk, the cost of everything is going up and doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. I have even taken an evening job to help our finances, no more new stamps for a while lol. Take care Donna SBS18

Jheffner said...

Hey Donna,

Hope the links help somewhat. I am having to increase my hours at work, and am thinking of bikeriding to work to save gas. Everything is going up here, except salaries..sigh.

No new stamps, no new products for a while...sigh

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