Thursday, July 24, 2008

Behind the scene at AfterHoursStamper

Well, I know you are ALL dying to know what goes on behind the scenes here at AfterHoursStamper, so tonight I thought we would take a look ; )

How do I find all these links? Well, sometimes (actually a lot of the time) my good friend Patricia sends me some cool links that I just have to write a post about (and I have a few saved for a rainy day). Sometimes I just surf, clicking on blogs, doing google searches to see what pops up, and of course everything is saved in bookmarks, all sorted out to use when I need to find a certain blog or website.

For instance,while I was surfing today I found this HUGE list of rubber stamping links. When I find something like this I bookmark it and then get around to clicking through all those links, yes, all of them. Then I sort out what has good information for us rubber stampers. Many of the links in these huge lists are "dead," which means that the site or blog is no longer "up." And there are a large number of links that are just not that, well, noteworthy. But there are a HUGE number of links that are great, but it does take some time to find them all.

Tonight I am starting to link from that huge list, in alphabetical order. I tried to choose things that you might find interesting and informative, get ready, get set, and CLICK : )

  • Vippies: The CUTEST stick figure rubber stamps I have ever seen! You are going to love this site, I had no idea they were out there. Look at this, and this and this.
  • About Art: Great prices on their full plate of stamps, click here for a list of their other stamps. And make sure to click here to see all sorts of projects created with their stamps.
  • Cropper Hopper: Some more tips on organizing, and even though their products are used in this post it still contains some great information.
  • Alpha Stamps Blog: Amazing amount of information here, lots and lots of cool products and neat artwork using their products.
  • Amazing Crafting Products: Mold putty, this stuff looks pretty cool. You use the putty to make a mold of something, like a button, then you use their liquid resin to make your own button with the mold, neat and imagine the possibilities for stamping embellishments : )
  • Another Stamp Company: This is a link to their "What's new page." Lots of great storage ideas, inks and other stuff stampers *must* have ; )
As you can see, I haven't even gotten through all the A's in the above list, there were some "duds" in the list, broken links or just not too interesting sites, however there was also a lot of great stuff, which I listed for you.

I will continue to go through the entire list posting the links that I think you might like, and will try to go through the list in alphabetical order (which should keep me busy for the next year or so).

Have a great night! And woooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo Happy Almost Friday!


Stacy said...

Okay, Jacquie, you do know you may be responsible for a divorce or two, don't you? ;-)

I should never have clicked the link to About Art. Never, ever, ever. No, I didn't spend the entire budget THIS time, but it's entirely possible it could happen. If DH doesn't divorce me over it, there's still the strong possibility we could be spending his retirement years in a cardboard box under a bridge. But, oh, what nice designs we'll have stamped on our cardboard box!

Jheffner said...

Hi there Stacy,

Well......ummmmm....I make sure all my stamping stuff comes into the house in plain brown bags, and the old story "oh I have had that for years works too ; )

That About Art link is a must see and must purchase, but...don't quote me or anything ; 0

We all need second, third jobs to support our stamping habit ; 0

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