Saturday, July 19, 2008

Products you are going to love

My friend Patricia is what you call an "enabler." She has the best rubber stamping supplies of ANYONE that I know, and after a visit to her I am trying to figure out what to sell so I can get some of her neat things.

One of the neat, and expensive, things about rubber stamping are all the cool supplies one can buy, products that just knock your socks off, products that quickly become used daily, products you wonder how you ever did without. Twinkling H20's are such a product for me, and now also the Niji paints, and well, anything that has a glimmer becomes a "must have" for me.

Tonight I thought I would go over some neat products you might not be aware of, things that you might want to investigate and use in your rubber stamping, but remember, if you like some of these things, don't blame me, remember my friend Patricia is the one that showed some of these things to me.

Onto the links:

  • Pan Pastels: Amazing chalks that you aren't going to believe. I tried these at Patricia's house, and can't wait to order them. They are soft, vibrant and come in neat containers that stack. You can get them at Dick Blicks and other places, Dick Blicks has had the best price I have found so far.
  • Tim Holtz: He has a whole bunch of new things on his blog (from the CHA Convention), grunge board, stickers and some really neat stamps.
  • Red Rubber: Ok, not really a new product, but something I wanted to mention. You know that red rubber that was used in the how to emboss your brass stencils with the cuttlebug video? Well, guess what, you can use the red rubber from the kit as a "reverse stamp." A reverse stamp is just a plain piece of rubber that you stamp your image on, then stamp that onto the paper for a reverse of the image. Cool isn't it? And thank you Patricia for figuring this out.

That is it for tonight, I know, a short list, but hey, it is the weekend! Have a good one, am going to go watch a video with my hubby in a bit, and then fall asleep! (I actually slept in until 9 this morning).

Have a great Sunday.


Audrey Huffman ( said...

The Pan Pastels are on my list of "needs"...LOL

Also, that Patricia is some enable alright - but I must say a good one too. (shhhh don't tell her I said that.) Love, Audrey

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mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Awesome links. Thanks! You ROCK! :0)

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