Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quick post tonight

Am running to a meeting, and as always, a bit late, so tonight I am going to just have a quick post with a few bargain links.

Speaking of bargains, was running errands today and picked up a number of paint chips to use for some cards, GREAT colors, and the shapes are large enough to use to layer. Hopefully I will have a chance to post some pictures tomorrow (if I can find time to make a few cards as well).

Ok, here are just a couple of stores having sales, have more for you tomorrow as well:

  • RubberD Stamp Sales Page: I love sales, and this one is really, really good! Check out the Christmas stamps for some good buys.
  • Nona Designs: Chalk kits, great price, I love the Shimmer Pearls sets, have two sets and will save to get the Earthtone set. These are great chalks and the price here is very good.
See you tomorrow, sorry about the short post tonight.

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