Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Technique Tuesday

One of the things I love about rubber stamping is all the ways you can rubber stamp. There are so many techniques, some hard, some easy, some really complicated (I personally tend to stay away from complicated techniques).

Tonight I am going to post interesting techniques you can use with your rubber stamping. I hope that you will enjoy these interesting methods, and if you are stuck in a rut with your stamping, make sure to try one of these techniques to help get your creative juices flowing.

Technique Tuesday

  • Spotlight Stamping: I really like this site, Learn2Stamp, and often refer to their tutorials and techniques listings. Spotlight stamping is a neat way to highlight your image, stamp two images, cut one of the images into a shape, color it in, overlay it onto the stamped uncolored image and you have a "spotlight." You can also do this in the revers, color the whole image, and spotlight with a shape that is not colored in. This link has some nice examples, and make sure to click on "more samples" to see additional cards.
  • Paper Piecing: This link has some very simple Christmas patterns for you to piece together. Experiment with these ideas, see what you have on hand that might lend itself to being pieced together. And if you play with these designs you can get a start on your Christmas cards ; ) Not ready for winter? Then try these Summer piecing templates.
  • Paper Tole: Here is an example of "true tole," basically a way to cut out your image and make it 3D. A fun technique that we forget to use sometimes. Not a technique to use for mass producing cards, but works for those very special cards we make.
  • Split Negative: I love this technique, it isn't all that hard and the results are so nice! Try this with white and any bold color, or a pastel and a bold color, there are all sorts of possibilities to try with this technique.
Hope you like these techniques! I am thinking of trying to post something each week on preparing for the holidays, yes, I know it is July, but before you know it November is here and we all run around like crazy people.

And...since many of us have kids home from school, how about projects they can help with now for the holiday? Stay tuned : )

Have a wonderful evening and wooo hooo, tomorrow is Wednesday, halfway to Friday ; )

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Lori said...

I just love your blog! It is so informative and loaded with information. Keep up the good work! Lori

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