Thursday, August 21, 2008

How about a few template links?

I love templates, especially when they are free. And, there are so many different templates online, from boxes to fancy cards to envelopes, all just waiting to be downloaded and used.

Ready for some cool templates? Here you go:

* Packaging Templates: What an amazing link, almost every type of template you can imagine! Need a small bag? You will find it here. Need a box shaped like a slice of cake? You get the idea.

* Stamp 4 Fun: This is a twofer, a template and a tutorial on making your stationery and gift bag, really cool.

*Greeting Card Organizer: Yes, another twofer! Go to the bottom of the page to find the template to make this really cool organizer.

*Stampington and Company: Great page of templates, very unique items. This is the page of templates from the Stampers' Sampler magazine, "Tempting Templates." I love the CD holder that looks like a purse.

* Surprise Waterfall Card: This looks really interesting, and something different to add to your card making file.

* Interlocking Card Template: Simple template with endless possibilities.

* Triangle Petal Card: A different look to the more traditional four fold card, can't wait to try this one (especially as it looks pretty simple.)

* Pillow Box Template: I have seen these and never figured out how to make them, now you and I both know : )

* Calendar Templates: Wow! A whole bunch of various templates you can use to make calendars, for yourself, or to give away as gifts.

Hope you enjoy these links, have a wonderful rest of the day and may the light shine on you tomorrow.


InkyAndScrappy said...

Thanks for the ATC and Card. Wow for your First ATC it is absolutly Fab dear.

Jheffner said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh glad you finally got it in the mail. The envelope on the ATC is actually a punch : ) and I had so much fun with the time theme : )

Now I can upload the photo, didn't want to post until you had it : )

Fonda @Southern Scraps said...

Thanks. I love templates!

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