Friday, August 1, 2008

What an amazing evening!

Before I get going with the post tonight I want to say a very special thank you to Valerie, you made my day today with your lovely card! Is there anything more special then reaching into your mailbox to find an unexpected, beautiful card?

I had the good fortune tonight to be with Michelle Zindorf ( Freedom in Creating) who is one of the most talented stampers out there. She was in town for four workshops on her brayer technique, and a very special thank you to Lisa Itatani for making the workshop happen. Lisa has a great blog called Flat Fish Paper Arts, and amazing energy. I was more then impressed by all the prep she did for the class and how smoothly everything went. (Lisa I think you missed your calling as an event planner in additional to fantastic artist).

If you have the chance to take a workshop don't pass up the opportunity, you wil meet amazing people, come home energized, and the techniques you learn will make your stamping all the more fun, trust me! I will post the cards next week sometime, just have too much to do right now to even pull out the camera.

Ok, on to some links tonight. I am really starting to use the alcohol inks as well as the distressed ink pads a whole lot, and I thought it would be a good idea to link to some techniques and ideas for these products. If you have these items and don't use them, take them out and just start to play with them, I promise that you will get the knack of it and will love all that they can do!

Here we go with some links to techniques/how tos for alcohol inks and distress ink pads:

  • Scrapperlicious: How to make leaves out of transparencies and alcohol inks. These are simply beautiful and very easy to create, try this and try to use other images as well. Cool technique.
  • Blade Rubber Stamps: A whole list of ways to use the distressed inks (which by the way are a must have, as soon as you start to use them you can't put them down!). I have been playing with them a bit more lately and love them, especially their "wet" quality which allows for some really cool embossing!
  • Painting with Distressed Inks: Wow! WOW! You are going to LOVE the way your images come out when you use distressed ink pads to do the coloring, I can't wait to try this technique.
  • Video: How to watercolor images you stamp with distress ink. From what I have read (haven't discovered this for myself yet) the distress ink allows you to stamp an image, then you can use water to pull some of the color without losing the detail of your stamped image. This video shows you how to do this technique.

I am exhausted, time to hit the sack folks. Thank you all for the nice notes and emails, it means more then I can say to see your kind words in the comments, my email inbox and in my snail mail.

Have a great night ladies, and see ya tomorrow : )

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Cath said...

Awesome resources as always! Thanks!!!

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