Sunday, August 24, 2008

What happened to August? And of course some links : )

Wow, is August already almost gone? September is just around the corner, seems like the summer just flew by, and now we are looking at the start of school and fall. My two favorite times of year are fall and spring, though I also love long summer days and cold rainy winter nights. Oh well.

I have a few links tonight, nothing that is really related to each other, a bit of this and that, things I find while surfing around. Speaking of surfing do you use Stumble? If you haven't tried it yet you are in for a treat. You put in the topics you are interested in, add the Stumble bar to your browser, and then you hit the "Stumble" button and pages that relate to your interests pop up. These pages usually have been recommended by someone else who likes the same topics you like. When you find really cool pages you can recommend by hitting a "I like it" button. Really fun, try it if you dare : )

The reason I mentioned Stumble has to do with how I do research to find sites for this blog. I do a whole lot of google searches, putting in key words for things related to rubber stamping and I also check out the many blogs that other blogs have listed (have you ever looked at the blog rolls on some blogs? It would take weeks to click through all of them!) I also just stumble sometimes to see what the luck of the draw throws my way.

Enough of my rambling, how about a few links?

* Scrapblog: This looks so cool, it is a site for you to create your scrapbooking online. If, like me, you don't scrap alot, this looks pretty cool, and you can share it with others too. I have to sign up for this, let me know if you sign up and what you think.

* Uni-ball Signo Broad White Gel Pen: This link has the best price online for this GREAT white gel pen. This is the ONLY white gel pen I have tried that always has great ink flow, a must have for any stamper/scraper. They also have a finer point pen (don't know if the inks flows as well), and a box of 10 for a really good price.

* Craft Organizers: Suite 101 has some really good storage containers at very good prices. I especially like this Craft Carousel Organizer, and the price was great!

* Double Emboss Resist Technique: Cornish Heritage Farms has some great tutorials, and this is one of them. I can't wait to try this technique, simple but the results are breathtaking!

* How to carve your own stamp: Neat link that shows you how to carve your own stamp. Explains how you can do a negative or positive image.

* Whispers Ink Pad Set: WOW! You are not going to believe this price, 30 raised stamp pads, a case to hold them and an alpha set of stamps. I am seriously considering ordering this because you can't beat this deal.

Hope you find something useful in these links, have a wonderful night and a fantastic start to the week tomorrow.

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