Thursday, January 8, 2009

Organizing for the New Year: Computer Files! And Links : )

Hope 2009 is going well for you all, we are sort of getting back into the routine after the holidays, but still not quite there yet. All of the Christmas stuff is finally put away (well, almost all of it, the tree still needs to go in the shed and there are a few outdoor things on the floor in the garage which need to go up in the rafters) and we can now move about the house without knocking some Christmas decoration over : )

So, today I thought it might be a good time to look at organizing, specifically, your computer files. I have a folder for stamping called "1StampingStuff," putting the 1 there means that my stamping folder is always at the top of my folders list (and since it is the one that gets the most use, it is always easy to find). Inside that folder I have numerous files, broken down in these categories:

Card Sketches
Designer Paper (free downloads)
Sheetload Magazine
Storage Ideas
Product Charts

So far the above list seems to hold everything I need, but I am sure there will be some new thing that will need to get added at some point.

Everything else is bookmarked in my Google bookmarks, and I now categorize my links by date. The dates make it easy for me to find specific links to things as I tend to remember I saw and bookmarked something last week rather then specifically what the thing was. My "regular" stamping bookmarks were getting out of hand, well over 100 various categories with many, many links in each one.

Hope the above helps you better organize your "virtual" stamping supplies : )

Now onto some links I have gathered up for the last few weeks. Oh, and before I forget, early next week I am going to have a really cute Valentine's Day Project, and a neat technique that I played with last week.

Ok, here are some great links for you, many with ideas for Valentine's Day:

Origami for Valentine's Day: What a GREAT site this is, and not only are there written directions, but actual animation of how to fold these amazing hearts for Valentines day! These are really cute and would be fun to add to your cards and scrapbook pages.

Valetine's Day Quotes: These are just a few quotes you can use on the outside or inside of your cards/scrapbook pages. I will be posting more quotes in later posts as well.

Valentine's Day Projects: There are all sorts of cute ideas here, and remember that you can always personalize or change a project to suit your own needs. Sometimes projects you find sort of get you in a creative mood to come up with changes that can really add to what you started with. The link above also has some neat things for teachers to print out.

Freebies : ) : ScrapSupply has two pages of freebies; templates, fonts, design kits, just a whole bunch of fun stuff. I especially liked this planner which would make a cool gift for someone (it is a larger one then the little pocket planner I posted).

That is it for now, but stay tuned for the technique and project early next week! Until then have a GRAND day.


Anonymous said...

Great ideas for organizing. I have been sitting in my craft room wondering how to organize it.Thank you

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I'm a brand new stamper and your info and links are great!!!! The glitter markers you pictured awhile back from Target-how do you like them? They sound like a great idea for a newbie like me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great blog ! I wanted to say that I used to store ideas on my computer till I discovered the Google Notebook application. Now I don't need to worry about losing info if my computer crashes. Plus it's so easy to "note" stuff with a click. I love your links to stamp sales and nifty stuff. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Well, you are one organized woman!! Thanks, these are great.

Jheffner said...

Thanks Joan, though if you saw my stamp area right now you wouldn't be so impressed with my organization skills ; 0

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