Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year! Organizing your stamp collection

Good morning and happy Monday.  This weekend was somewhat productive, all of the Christmas decorations are down, the tree needs to be stored and some stuff still needs to be put away, but for the most part our home is back to pre-holiday status.

Given that we are now in a "New Year" I decided that it was time to reorganize my stamp collection.  What started out as an indexing project took on a new life when I found a better storage system for my unmounted and mounted stamps.  Given that I am very limited on space, finding ways to store more stamps in less room is not only appealing, it is a must.

I had started to index my current stamp collection which are stored in CD cases when I stumbled upon a GREAT way to store my unmounted and mounted stamps in larger containers!  My wonderful husband gave me a Michael's gift certificate for Christmas and I wandered into the Michaels last Friday because of their sale.  As I was wandering around I found this container which immediately called to me.

The photo boxes are a bit smaller then a DVD case, and they are a little over 1 1/2 inches thick, and they fit perfectly on the shelves of my CD/DVD bookcase!  I went to the checkout counter to purchase about 24 of the containers (all they had) and found out that the boxes were half off, so instead of being $1.99 (I was going to use a 25 percent off your entire purchase coupon), the containers were $1.00!  I then ran to another store to purchase an additional 20 boxes and came home. (I have also found the containers online for $1.59)

Here is a side view of the container:

From 1 4 2010

And here is my CD bookshelf with the CD's I had already indexed on the top and the new storage containers on the shelf below:

From 1 4 2010

These new containers hold WAY more then the CD cases, how much more?  Well so far I have been able to combine up to seven CD cases into one of the new photo boxes!  Here are the CD cases I have been able to clear out:

From 1 4 2010

And here is one of the new cases with all that it holds:

From 1 4 2010

And here how everything fits inside the new case:

From 1 4 2010

And these cases will also hold wood mounted stamps!  So instead of my smaller wood mounts floating everywhere they now have a home as well!

So, my indexing project has turned into a redesign of stamp storage project, however I am still going to use the system I described to you last week, but will have to modify my system a bit.

What I am doing is stamping images on index cards, sorting them by category and then color coding the category.  Some stamp sets will have more then one category, for instance a set that has bugs, flowers and words/quotes will get three color codes.  Here is what I mean:

From 1 4 2010

I have three groups of cards, each group has a number of categories, and the groups are small enough to fit in my work area for me to quickly reach and sort through.  I thought of stamping and storing pages in a binder but my work area is so small that the binder would not be accessible.

Here is a card stamped with images:
From 1 4 2010
This card corresponds to a set of heart stamps that are stored in a CD case so all of the stamps on this card are in that case.  For the newer cases that I am using I will have to use multiple cards for each case because of the amount of stamps that the newer cases hold.

Also, I am using color coding for my system, ie, all floral stamps are green, teal is for flourishes and so on.  I color the index card as well as color the label of the container.  Some sets have more then one color if they have more then one type of image, ie, some sets have quotes/words, floral images, flourishes and bugs.

Eventually all of the images will be cross stamped on index cards, but for now I just want to get the main images stamped on cards for main categories (for instance, a heart is an "object" but can also be in a holiday category, for now hearts will be stamped and sorted in "objects").

My indexing is going to have to wait until I finish transferring almost all of the stamps into the new containers.

If you have not yet found a storage system that works for you these containers might be the answer to your problem!  Even though I still need to index most of my stamps at least now I only have to look in one or two containers for a stamp instead of flipping through CD case after CD case!

And of course I have some links for you, all storage related of course:

Storage containers:  Some really good storage containers here for you, I like the larger ones that have all the compartments.

Organizing ideas:  Lots of great information here on ways to organize your supplies.

Grab and Go:  Love these!  If I had more room these would be a part of my storage system.

More storage options:  Some good deals here, and some very good storage ideas.

Sorry the post is so late today, I had to get to work early and just couldn't finish the entire post until just now.

Have a great day and check back next week for some cool Valentine's Day projects : )

And if you have some good storage ideas please make sure to post in the comments.


nativetexangirl said...

Thank you for your latest post! I love all the inspiration and links you gave. Keep up your great blogs. I just shared this with my sister too.

Bridgett Owens said...

What a great find!! That case is really nice for what you are doing. I am going to be going through my stamps, AGAIN, and getting more organized. Thanks for the tips!
Angel Hugs,

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