Monday, March 29, 2010

Back, with some links

So sorry about the post this morning, I still can't believe that I deleted the post!  Oh well, time to move on.  Not only did I get sick last week (am doing much better now, thank you for all the kind notes), but the computer had a meltdown and we had to put in a new hard drive...thankfully I backed up my "Jacquie" folder which has literally hundreds of stamping related items, from templates to techniques, if it involves stamping I have a folder for it : )

So, I was sick, but not quite sick enough to miss out on Scrapbook Expo two Saturday's ago.  And, as it turned out I was able to hook up with the amazingly lovely Susana of Susana's Custom Art and Design.  We had a great time checking out all of the great products there, and both of us realized that we are terrible enablers (though I think Susana is a bit worse then I am ; )

Anyhow, we both bought some fun stamping items, and thought I would share some links to the products here with you.  But....before that, I wanted to let you know about the Slice and some issues people seem to be having with the machine.

My Slice had to go back to get fixed because the blade would not retract and after each design was cut out the blade would cut right through the design as it went back to "home" position.  I sent the Slice back and they were very quick and fixed it right away, and so far the Slice is working GREAT!  My issue is this:  given that I have had the machine for little more then a year, I am no longer covered by the warranty for replacement.  Now, if the machine breaks due to my abuse, well, that is on me, however if the machine doesn't work because of a manufacturing issue (ie, the blade not retracting) then I think it is a problem that should be covered by MM.

Many people have had issues with the Slice, some with the same problem I have had, others have had other issues.  My thoughts:  I love the Slice for what it does, for it's size and ease of use.  I do not like that I may need to spend another $100 to buy another machine that may have the same problems.  So, if I continue to have problems with the machine, and MM will not replace the machine, I am seriously thinking of going to a Cricut Create (especially as I have not heard of anyone having problems with the Create).  If you are considering buying a Slice, just make sure you understand that the machine is a bit "quirky," and also that you may well need to send it back once or twice for repairs.  Also understand that at some point you may be faced with either buying a new machine or purchasing a whole new system.

Ok, enough of that, sorry to be on my soapbox everyone.  How about some links?  The links today are all connected to the Scrapbook Expo I attended with Susana in Pleasanton, CA.

Tonertex:  WOW!  What great foils, glitters and glue!  I have seen this product before and never purchased, but this time I did and am I ever glad that I did.  The glitter is so fine you can't even feel it on your finger, and the foil is just amazing, it adds so much to cards/scrapbook pages, and best of all everything is oh so easy to use. Check out the videos on the site as well for some great ideas.

New Basic Grey Paper Pads:  Oh my, these are, well, absolutely gorgeous, I bought a number of the 6 x 6 pads, including "green at heart," and "koshi."  You can see all of these great new papers at Susana's store, and if you love DP, you are going to love these paper pads.

Heartfelt Creations:  This company has some great stamps that are specifically made to be used with Nestabilities, really cool images and while I didn't pick any of these stamps up at the show, I am hoping to get some in the future.

TriArt Markers:  I bought some of these from Scrap-Mart, and they are every bit as good as Copics!  And some of the colors are better, the yellows are a much softer, almost chalk like color, creamy but not too bold.  The greens that I purchased are a bit bright (am matching them up with some of my Copics to tone them down).  Here is a review of these pens, and my opinion?  They work great, and if you can't afford Copics they are a good alternative.  Note: I understand that these pens do not hold as much ink as the Copics, so you may be refilling them sooner, however the refills are not all that expensive.

Ok, that is all for now, sorry that you had to have two posts today, but I promised links, and links you will get!

And please let me know if you have any questions about the tutorial I posted earlier, I am happy to help in any way that I can.

Have a great rest of the evening everyone.


Cindy_K said...

Hi Jacquie!

I'm glad you are feeling better! Thanks for the links this morning.

I also own a Slice and I own a Cricut Expression. I have a question about the Slice and the Cricut Create. Why would you perhaps buy a Cricut Create if your Slice quits working again? What is different about the Create from the Expression that makes it a replacement for the Slice.

My Slice is under warranty until the end of April but hasn't done that drag and cut thing yet. If I need to replace mine is the Create a or the Cricut little bug a better replacement?

Thanks for your help and sharing all you do!


Jheffner said...

Hi Cindy. The Create is smaller then the Expression (I really don't have room for either, but the Create is smaller), the create does six inch by 12 inch which is a good enough size for me.

I don't know if the Create is a better replacement, but it is what I am looking at, would love to hear if others have any thoughts on this matter.

Cherie said...

Jacquie, I got it this time! Guess it was a little computer burp or something! Thanks for sharing all this wonderful info with us!

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