Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Part II: Copics, Copics and more Copics! Tutorials, Resources and Storage

Another week, another post, and part two of the copic mega post.  But, before we get to that, a few pictures of what awaited me when I got home from work on Thursday last week:

From 2010-07-13

As soon as I drove into the driveway my husband comes out and told me that there was a problem, and then he continued,"there are two birds trapped in the garage."   We have NO clue how they got into the garage, but there they were, one was clearly a baby bird, and the Mom wouldn't leave without her baby.  The baby was trapped near some boxes, and after much commotion the Mom bird flew outside.

My husband then tried to get the baby bird, only to make it jump down behind the shelves.  The baby bird ended up on the wall, right in front of a vent, the Mom bird was right outside chirping away.

From 2010-07-13

My husband finally grabbed the baby bird, and boy did it make noise, "CHIRP, CHIRP!"  We put the bird outside, it sort of half flew and half hopped, and the Mom and Dad swooped in to guide it back to where it needed to be, so all turned out well : )

Don't forget to check over at the "Hearts and Hugs Blog" to get a look at the card I made this week : )  And there are ALL sorts of wonderful things going on over at Hearts and Hugs, a new "Make a Mess Monday" feature with some fantastic creations, some wonderful new stamps from "Krafting Kimmie," (you must see the cards posted on the blog using these stamps, simply amazing coloring).

And, we have a blog hop coming up this Friday, and a special new release coming up at the end of the month, with of course blog candy and another blog hop!  Yes, I am being kept very busy these days.

Now, off to the topic at hand, Copics, this week focusing on tutorials, resources and storage.  Now, this list is going to be far from complete, but it will have some of the links that I think are worthy of your attention if you want to improve your Copic coloring skills.


There are quite a few Copic coloring tutorials, the following are some that I think are the most informative and easy to follow:

  • The Creative Closet:  Love this video, and especially like that the colors she used are in the written post.
  • Zest Blog:  The link goes to the "Marker Monday" posts which have lots and lots of tutorials, remember to click on the previous entries link at the bottom to get all of the posts.  The "Marker Monday" link is also listed on the left sidebar. 
  • Heather's Heavinly Stampations:  Lots and lots of tutorials here, from various hair colors to skin types, and all are easy to follow. 
  • Thinking Inking:  GREAT tutorial on coloring a car, loved the result, and I hope you do too.
  • Icopic:  Lots and lots of tutorials at this link, and I guess you could also consider this a resource (actually all of these links are a type of resource : )
  • Debbie Design's YouTube Channel:  A couple of great videos here for you to view and pick up some nice tips.
  • Distinctive Touches:  The link takes you to a great tutorial on how to blend colors using a feather type of stroke with your pen, very well done and helpful. 

While any of the links above could be considered a "resource," there are a few places you can go to get nothing but Copic information, thus they become a "resource."

  • I Like Markers:  This is the "Cadillac" of resources, here you will find posts like this one, and just about everything you can image related to Copic markers.  In addition you are also exposed to color theory, composition and more are related topics, just a wonderful overall resource. 
  • Copic Creations Blog:  Wow!  Just amazing information here, everything you need to know and more, and there is always something new to discover as well. 
  • PaperFections:  Tons of information here, an amazing resource on all things Copic. 
  • Suzanne Dean:  Amazing videos, tutorials and templates to keep are resources. 

Copic markers can be stored horizontally or vertically.  The Cio markers do not have the number of the color on the cap, the Sketch markers do (another reason I prefer the Sketch markers.)   If you have some of the Copic Glitter Markers you MUST store those on their side!

Storage is a personal issue, it depends on how much room you have, how often you use your Copics, and how you are organized.  I do not have much room, and I like to have my Copics right in front of me, so I have this system:

From 2010-05-30

You can use a counter top storage container for makeup, which when being used looks like this,  you can use what is commonly referred to as "x cubes," or try a system called "Magpie Storage Unit," units designed for Copic storage, or you can even try a kitchen tool turnaround.

And there tons of ideas on the Ikea website, as well as just keeping your eyes open whenever you are out shopping.

Ok everyone, that's all for this week!  Don't forget that there is a blog hop this Friday and at the end of the month!

Have a fantastic week.

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