Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A special request for a special person

My dear friends and fellow crafters, I am writing an extra blog post this week to bring to your attention the story of a fellow crafter who needs our help, Katie Emmerson Renz.  Katie has just been diagnosed with stage 4 Stomach Cancer, and she needs our help.

Katie is a young mom with three small boys and a loving husband.  The entire family has been hit hard by this diagnosis, and I am hoping that we can help band together to help Katie and her family during this struggle.

Here is a link to Katie's story, and here is a picture of Katie in the hospital, surrounded by her loving family:

The crafting community has banded together and come up with a wonderful fundraiser for Katie, you can find all the details here.  Take a look at the many people and companies who have come together to help this family in need.  

I know times are tough, and if you can spare just a little to aid Katie and her family I know how much help it will be to them.  If you can't give financially, you can assist by making sure to spread the word about Katie's story and posting the link to the fundraiser on your blogs or Facebook pages.

Thank you for any help you can give this lovely family, and lets keep our prayers and best wishes for Katie forefront in our minds.  

With all my love to you my dear crafting friends, thank you for being an amazingly warm and caring community.

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