Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 Winter CHA: Lots and lots of new product to drool over!

Hi everyone, sorry my post is a late, I did not have an internet connection this weekend and have been playing "ketchup" all week.

As a side note, I saw a satellite picture of the country yesterday and couldn't believe the size and veracity of the storm covering most of our nation right now.  Yet again in CA we have weather in the high 60's to low 70's, just amazingly great weather while the rest of the country is getting slammed. Here is what I saw:

That picture goes from the East Coast all the way to almost CA, the storm was said to be more then 2,000 miles wide.  I hope that if you are having to deal with the weather everything goes well for you.

This week we get to review all of the releases, news, updates and stories from CHA : )  Lots and lots of new paper, stamps and tools for everyone!

I have been reading tons of blogs reporting on CHA, thought I would list some of the ones I thought were most interesting, as well as links to new products, at the end of the links I have posted some cool videos as well!

Plaid:  LOVED this post, lots of pictures of the Plaid booth, really cool.

Work in Progress: Lots of pictures from lots of different booths here.

New Slice Design Cards:  These look so wonderful!  While I did end up returning the "Slice Elite" I ordered, my original Slice still does the job and might be happy to have some new cards to play with : )

And here are some videos:

BlueMoon has additional videos on their blog, make sure to stop by for more CHA videos.

Here is a short video of the new Cricut Expression 2 (Cricut E2):

Here is a link that has a number of other videos on new features for the Cricut Expression 2.

How about a demo by Tim Holtz?

Ok, that is it for today, again, sorry that the post ended up being so late this week!  Take care and have a wonderful day.

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