Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ok, so I am now officially a "Cricut" fan: cricut links, gypsy links and lots more!

Happy Thursday!  Hope you are having a great day and an even better tomorrow.  Before I forget, if you could  take a second to "like" me on stumble (the link is at the top of the blog in the left column), I would greatly appreciate your "like."  : )  Now onto some paper crafting stuff.

So, I avoided buying a Cricut because of a limitation of space, and wow....what a mistake!  Having played with my Cricut Create for the last week, and also purchasing the Gypsy, I am officially "hooked."  What a machine!  And the Gypsy is just what I needed with my limited space.

Now, I do still have the Slice, however have not used it much, and am not sure how much I will use it as I get more and more "hooked" on the Cricut Create.  Did you know that there were hundreds of videos on the Cricut/Gypsy on Youtube? Spent most of last night viewing the videos, from how to use the Cricut, how to use the Gypsy, to some amazing cards using the Cricut/Gypsy together.

So far there are seven cartridges in my library, am waiting for two of them to arrive.  I watch ebay and bid on the cartidges I want, and have paid about $20.00 (no shipping) each for the carts, one was a bit more ($26 for "Storybook," but no shipping costs).

What is fantastic about the Cricut and Gypsy is how many things you can do with the images, especially the welding. You can take two images, meld them together and then fold in half to get a unique card shape, weld a silhouette to a frame for stunning results, and the list goes on and on.

Today I thought it would be fun to link to some of the videos I have found helpful, and then of course some other general type links.

Great videos I found at YouTube that show you to use the Gypsy with the Cricut (and yes, I think the Gypsy is a must have.)

ScrapperBug2002 has some fabulous videos, here are two:

Part 2

She has other videos too, check out her "channel" on YouTube.

And here is one quick Christmas card:

And another (love the deer!):

And yes, some more general type links too.

Free digital images:  A few here, and then there are some for sale as well, cute images : )

Make it Colorful:  Nice blog with tons of coloring and even more inspiration!

Studio quality photograph:  Using only $12 worth of materials.  I LOVED this as I never can get the perfect picture, need to get the materials together and try this out.

Some links from the AfterHoursStamper facebook page: (some of the links on the facebook page are of a timely fashion, and the reason I started a page, ie one day sales and so on, make sure to like the page so you don't miss anything).

Less is More:  Wonderful blog that highlights simple cards that will blow your mind!

Dancing in Pajamas:  Great blog with lots of inspiration, and here is the link to their "Cats Pajamas" store.

Little Princess Cards:  Wonderful things here for you to feast your eyes on!

"Mistables:" From Pink Paislee, neat assortment of new chipboard and other items that will take color well, looks interesting and I might just have to find some around here.

Don't forget to keep checking the CHA Sneak Peek link, lots of great stuff being posted everyday!

That is all I have for you this week, again, make sure you pop over to the facebook page so you won't miss any of the one day sale and other links I post there.

Until then, have a wonderful day and enjoy your 4th of July!


Pamela said...

I actually made some of those snowflake cards for Christmas a couple of years ago and they drew rave reviews! If you like Storybook (I do) another couple of cartridges that I love are "Lacy Labels" and "Damask Decor".

Jheffner said...

Thanks Pam, I will add those to my list of future purchases : ) I have Cindy Loo, Don Juan (came with the machine) Graphics something (forgot the name), Woodland Winter and the two that came with the Gypsy.

I am also uploading the books that go with the carts to my Ipad, wayyyyy cool, can flip through them as I want : )

Cheryl O said...

I got the E2, my first Cricut, and like you, don't know how I made it without it. They are so much fun, even if you only make cards! I'm loving mine, and have gone crazy buying cartridges, ebay knows me too!! Have fun!

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