Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clean and simple cards: information, links and videos

Another week flies by and I am left wondering where all the time went.  This week we were FINALLY able to video Skype our son, it is the first time we have "seen" him since he left in May (he is in the Marines and finished bootcamp in May, came home for 10 days and then left again for his training).

I spent the majority of the first call crying as seeing him was almost too much!  Wanted to hug and kiss him in person, but had to settle for seeing his wonderful smile and person on video chat.  We actually talked to him twice, the second time his girlfriend came over (she lives two doors down) and ended up spending almost two hours with him!  Can't wait to Skype him again : )

And how about your corner of the world?  A good week?  Lots of crafting?  I did some crafting on Saturday, more on Sunday, but truthfully, there is just never enough time to do all the things I would like to do.  Speaking of crafting.....

This Saturday Michaels is hosting tons of demos for their new classes!  I will be at my local Michaels from 10 am until 3 pm (Michaels in Westgate, San Jose), promoting all the great classes that will be coming up.  This is a national event,  every Michaels is supposed to be presenting demos and providing information about the card making/paper crafting classes that are now available.  Would love to meet some of you in person, so if you are in the area please stop by on Saturday : )

Now off to our topics for this week (and yes, lots of links).  While I love to embellish cards, the beauty of a clean and simple card is not to be underestimated.  It struck me that with the holidays quickly approaching it would be a good idea to go over how to make amazing clean and simple cards (fast, easy and elegant). How many times have you wanted to make your own holiday cards and felt too overwhelmed to get them done?

So, today is a study in clean and simple, hopefully there is enough information to inspire you and also reassure you that if you so desire, making your own holiday cards is possible with a minimal amount of time. Spending a little time now to design your clean and simple card will get you going, then set aside the time to make your cards before November (yes, before November).  Make a few extra, get them addressed and ready to send out in November and pop them in the mail Dec 1st, your cards are done, and people will LOVE receiving a handmade holiday card from you!

Here we go, links, examples and explanations below:

 What makes a clean and simple card stunning?  The use of color and design (as with all artistic creations).

Understanding how color works is important when you make any card, and with "simple" cards color becomes even more important as it is a main element of the card..  Think about this:  when you find a card you like, what usually stands out?  For me what usually catches my eye first is the color in the card (or the lack of which also creates interest.) Here is a link on how to use color with your scrapbooking pages (all of which applies to card making).    If you want to learn more about how color works, try this link which is for painters but gives you a very good basic understanding of color theory.

And then there is the design of the card, and good designs for our cards usually follow the use of  the "rule of thirds" which
says that most designs can be made more interesting by visually dividing the page into thirds, vertically and/or horizontally and placing our most important elements within those thirds.

 Lets look at some simple and stunning cards to see the color and design elements the card uses:

Isn't this a GREAT card?  Found this on the blog Clean and Simple Stamping, and yes there are tons of clean and simple examples for you to view.

So, why is this card so striking?  First of all the use of the red in the heart, , secondly the design which follows the rule of thirds. Putting the card on a muted, neutral colored paper adds to the overall design/color, and then rounding the corners also creates another design element.  

A video from GinaK creating a simple, yet elegant card.  What makes it work?  The design (the stamped image is off to the side vertically, using the rule of thirds) and the colors are neutral, two colors working well with each other.  Simple yet creates a stunning card.


Another place to view some amazing Clean and Simple cards is over at Hero Arts, this card is from this link, created by Virginia L, and what a fantastic card it is.  Once again this design utilizes the "third" rule, this one using the horizontal division in thirds.  The colors work together well, and the Merci nicely picks up the orange in the shell images. 

And given that this is about clean and simple holiday cards, here are a number of examples I found on SCS. These cards require no additional coloring other then your stamping, few if any embellishments, great color, good design, and they are quick and easy to make.

And a few more cards that are not holiday related, though the design could easily be used for a holiday card.


From the blog Inkredible Stamping, GREAT card with wonderful color and design.

Stampin Up Curly Cute Stamp Set

Love this card, especially as it is a wonderful use of leftover designer paper!  And as the designer states, leave off the sentiment until you need a specific card, happy bday, sympathy and so on.  Easy, elegant and clean and simple : )

I hope the post today has given you some inspiration on creating a clean and simple card : )  

If you have some good examples of clean and simple cards please post a link in the comments section so we can all be inspired a bit more.

Have a GREAT week everyone!


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