Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wooooo Hoooo! Great day at the Stamp In The Hand Stamp Convention

Every year I look forward to attending at least ONE of the "Stamp in the Hand" RSC, this year was no exception. The convention used to be in a large hall, downtown San Jose, but had to move due to the rising cost of Parkside Hall, so this year we went to Napredak Hall and shopped till we dropped!

I was a bit disappointed to find that there were fewer vendors at the convention, but that did not stop me from buying some very cool things : ) Most of what I bought were stamps, found quite a few "retro" stamps (Stamp Happy Rubber Stamps), unmounted and mounted, some really cool flower stamps, from these companies: Magenta, The Cat's Pajamas, Judi-Kins Inc., Hannah Grey and a few others I forgot : )

You should really check out the Magenta stamps if you like unmounted stamps, they have some amazing images, great for backgrounds and for coloring in. I will try to get a few cards made with my new stamps soon. Absolutely LOVE the retro stamps I bought, including a woman at the stove, a lamp and chair, really cool stamps and since they were unmounted they were very reasonable. Also bought a bunch of "retro" cats (Judi Kins and The Cat's Pajamas), like the Cool Cat from SU, and I may buy a few more cause they are sooooooooooo cute. Check out the catalogs from these companies, you will just LOVE their selection of stamps, and the cost isn't bad at all : )

In addition to the stamps I finally bought some cling mount, and have unmounted the new stamps I bought already (it is amazing how much room you save), also bought the Kia scissors, and yes, I finally bought a Scor Pal. Bought some special staz on cleaner (that ink staz on the stamp and I can't get it off : ), a paper piercing kit (needles, stencil, pad), a new brass stencil, and my best "bargain" was a new set of Niji Pearlescent Watercolor paints, 21 colors, are you ready for this, for $5.95, I am NOT kidding you, and I have already tried them, they are great, as good if not better then the Twinking H20's, though you do not get as much paint you really don't need that much.

Oh, I also bought some new glitter gel pens, realllllly cool, two in a pack for $3.00, an envelope template (for the 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 sized cards), and some blending sticks. That about sums up what I purchased, thankfully I had some B'day money to spend, and now I will have to wait till next year to go that crazy again : )

Now, I am off to put more of my things away, unmount more stamps (and maybe even catalog and organize the ones I have already put into CD cases), is there EVER enough time? Tomorrow is going to be busy, trying out the new stamps and doing laundry and helping a friend who is running for San Jose City Council.

Hope you had a wonderful Saturday, and here is to an even better Sunday! Happy stamping all : )


Unknown said...

wow busy busy busy!

loretta said...

Jaquie, I love your stamp place, sounds like you had fun at convention. I love being able to plan to go and making it a girls' weekend.

Great blog!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like you scored big! What a steal for those watercolor paints! It must have been so fun! I have yet to go to anything like this. sigh.
smiles, Deena

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