Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Freebie Links

Just got back from seeing "Sex in the City" with my hubby, and yes, I cried, and cried and cried. It was a great movie, but if you haven't seen the series watch a few seasons before going to the movie. LOVE the fashions, shoes, purses, just leaves a smile on your face.

On with the Friday Freebies : ) I love Freebies, any way that I can get them, and there is really a wealth of things for us stampers online that are free. Tonight's list is loaded with free templates for just about anything you need: cards, boxes, bags, 3D templates, the list goes on and on.

Friday Freebies Links
  • Chia's Rubberstamp Art Templates: Lots and lots of card templates that you can download and save to your computer, I liked the little black dress template, really cute : ) And make sure to look for the Bib overall template, adorable!
  • RobertSabuda: Simple Pop-Ups You Can Make: LOVED this site, and now with kids out of school, these pop up cards might be just the thing to keep them busy! Click on the various pop-up card pictures and you get templates AND step by step illustrated directions.
  • JersGirl's: Has some great templates, but no directions (most are easy to figure out with out any directions though.
  • By Donavan: Over 100 templates and designs. Some of the links to the projects are "broken" but most of the ones I clicked worked. You will love what you find on here, a keeper for sure : ) He has box and bag templates, 3D templates, Mini book templates, even an envelope for a bookmark template! You will be on this site for a while.
Also, I would like to thank everyone for being so supportive of my little blog. My heart and soul are in this blog, and I am overwhelmed by your kindness, comments and continued visits. My desire is to continue to provide you with all the best of what I find online, and once in a while a tutorial and video on techniques I haven't seen posted anywhere.

Anyhow, tomorrow my to do list includes making at least three Father's Day cards, a card for my SBS challenge, eight cards for a swap on SCS, and hopefully the video. At some point I may get around to laundry, and straightening up the house. Am SO mad at myself too. Bought my hubby's Father's Day gift, left it on the bench in the kitchen, he comes home and says, hey, great hat, who does that belong to? I grabbed the bag (and hat) from his hand, swearing the whole time. sigh....

Have a great rest of Friday night, and a very relaxing Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jacquie! Thanks for the links...going to check them out! Have a great weekend!
smiles, Deena

paylin said...

Hi Jacquie, How r u ?? Well just to drop by to say " hello " takecare and have a great day

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