Sunday, June 8, 2008

Check out these great videos from Hero Arts

Ok, I am working on the video tutorial for using your ink spots as markers/watercolors. Actually got through the first take was WAY too long (over 20 minutes), I said "so" over, and over and over, "so now you...," and "so it is this.." and so on ; ) Oh, and I use um repeatedly. So (there I go again!) tomorrow I am redoing the tutorial video, under five minutes and will make sure to watch my words.

That means that I don't have a whole lot else for tonight, I did finish a card today (yes, a WHOLE card), but won't post it until the video is up because it is the sample for the video. Anyhow, if any of you have not yet shot a tutorial video, let me tell you it is HARD work, and we should appreciate all the GREAT videos that are out there!

Since I did not get mine done, here are some videos done by Hero Arts, they are ALL good, and I encourage you to watch them, even if you are a long time stamper you are sure to pick up a trick or two. Now, on with the show!

This first video shows you how to do a resist emboss technique, and the neat thing is that she makes a card using the background, a really cool card:

I also like this video which shows the process of making Hero Art rubber stamps (and yes, I want the stamp they show!)

I will put a link up in "best videos" to all of the Hero Art YouTube videos, they are great!

Hope you are having a great Sunday evening, check back tomorrow as I am hopefully going to have my video done and will want your feedback (and please be honest, if it is really bad I want to know : )

Here is to tomorrow, a new day just waiting to be discovered.


InkyAndScrappy said...

Just stopping by to say hi. Your cards are adorable. Be back soon.

Heather said...

hey there, that first video is great - the card turned out gorgeous! Never would have even thought to look for this sort of thing on you tube! thanks for the tips! :)
Sis Heather

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