Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bit of an emergency today

Woke up to find that our food was not cold in the refrigerator, so off the hubby and I went to search for a new refrigerator, and of course, we could not find anyone that would or could deliver today. And of course I found one that was WAY more expensive then we wanted to spend.

Needless to say we spent the entire day getting the refrigerator, and then finally at 6:30 this evening we had it delivered, and now it sits all shinny in the kitchen. I broke down and agreed to having the water and ice in the door (still have to get the plumber out here to hook it up), and we also got one of the newer ones with the freezer on the bottom (which is going to be interesting as far as storage goes). This one is actually the same outside size as our old one, but it has four cubic feet more storage inside!

Ok, enough of that, how about some stamping? My friend Patricia has been sending me all sorts of links to tutorials, sales and cool techniques, so tonight is "Patricia Recommends" links : ) Thanks Patricia for all the great links!

  • Summer Game Box: What an amazing idea! Create some travel games for the kids, and keep your sanity when you are driving this summer. Even though my kids are older, I might just try this anyway.
  • Move that Card: Three card tutorials, all of them have some type of motion!
  • RubberNature: Great stamps and a tutorial on how to create dimensional wall art.
Am off to bed, have to make a list for the grocery store tomorrow (we lost half our refrigerated food), and maybe even find some stamping time tomorrow.

Have a fantastic Sunday everyone.

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Cath said...

Great resources! Thanks for sharing!

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