Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Card Sketches: Links to help you design your cards

I thought you might like to see a picture of Roxy and Mishgie, our two wonderful kitties. Both, sound asleep, and Roxy just casually resting her leg on Mishgie. You would not believe that when we brought Mishgie home Roxy hissed and hissed at her and we figured the two would be life long enemies, wow, were we wrong!

A few short months later, the two of them are best buddies. And, as they are indoor cats, they keep each other very busy all day, until they fall into their many naps for the day.

Ok, enough of the cats, onto the stamping!

Tonight I thought it would be fun to follow up the color theory with some links to card sketches. I already have some links to sketch sites on the "Best" list, but wanted to give you a few more. Can one ever have enough designs to use?

Before I list the sites, how about some other places you can get sketch ideas from? Don't forget to save cards people give you, even store bought ones will give you ideas on placement, layers and combining shapes and images. Another great way to come up with a card design is to cut out some shapes in various sizes and widths and lay them down on a blank card, move the elements around sort of like when you want to move your furniture around, only this is a bit easier. Keep your pieces in an envelope so you can pull it out when ever you get "stumped" or are just bored with the sketches you have been using.

Ok, here are the links for tonight:
  • Two Peas In A Bucket: This is a link to all of their 2006 sketches, click one of the links, then click the link that comes up in the post. Lots and lots of sketches here for you to view and don't forget to save the ones you like the best!
  • Scrapadoo: Has ten very nice sketches to check out, there may be more on the site, click around a bit to see if I missed any.
  • Sketches by tamara: How about 51 sketches to add to your resources? Tamara has some very nice ones here, for both cards and scrap book pages. Make sure to check back often as she is always adding new sketches.
And of course, I have a few links on the side that are great, especially the SheetLoad of Cards, which should be publishing their July issue any day now, PageMaps, Our Creative Corner, and of course SCS Weekly Sketch Challenge on Wednesdays.

If you have any good sites for sketches, please email me or just leave a comment, we all would love to have more resources for our card making.

Last, but not least, I want to thank everyone who has signed via FeedBurner for updates, today we hit 100 subscribers! Wow! If you do subscribe, please note that I will be taking a vote soon on how often you want updates, right now you get them daily and I want to make sure that is ok with everyone. FeedBurner should allow me to change the frequency of the updates, not sure how, but will figure it out. (Except for when I go on vacation, I intend to post at least once each day).

Have a great evening, and may tomorrow give you a good laugh or two.

UPDATE: Wow, you are all so great! Here are a few more links from the comments, and make sure to check Laurie's Blog for some really great sketches!

  • My Sketch World: Wait till you see these great sketches, link is to the flick page, her blog is here.
  • So Sketchey: Link is to the sketch posts, make sure to click on the banner and go to her full blog.
  • 2Sketches4You: Neat card sketches here, and also some links to some wonderful cards.
  • Triple the Sketch: Another good resource, make sure to bookmark it so you can visit frequently when you need inspiration.


Blogger said...

Thank you for linking my site, you are so right, stamping is really an addiction. I have recently stopped for awhile as I'm caring for my baby and thought that the embossing powder is a little bit too messy! I once found a speck of sparkle on his face and hence, decided to stop stamping for a while till he's bigger. :)

Martha said...

Love your blog.

here are you some more sketch site links (layouts and cards)





Laurie Unger said...

Lots of sketches on my blog, too!

Jheffner said...

Wow, thanks ladies! I will update my post with all of the links, thank you again for letting me know about these great sites.

Laurie: Really like your sketches, how often do you post new sketches?

Debby said...

Oh my Gosh! Those cats are toooo darnd cute!

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