Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Enabler Alert: Do not read this post if you don't want to spend some money

We are almost into August! Where did the summer go? Except for a few really hot days our weather here has just been perfect, sunny, warm during the day, and then it cools off at night so you can fall asleep with the window open filling the room with fresh cool air. Oh the joy of summer!

How is your summer going so far? I had so many things to get done, and next month will tackle some pre-christmas chores, making some cards, getting some gifts ready, maybe posting some ornamanets up on ebay (left over from last year), and even organize the house (did I just write that?). Did you have a list and did you get through your list? Or now that I have reminded you that August is around the corner, are you in a panic?

Now, this is the enabler part, so if you don't want to spend any money stop reading right now. The rest of you, follow me below ; )

Ok, I apologize ahead of time, but really, these prices are so very good, and if you are looking to add some images to your stamp collection, you are sure to find a great bargain among these links. If you have a link to a great sale, please post in the comments and I will try to update this post with your information as well.

  • Rubber Stamp Ave: For every $10 of stamps you order the owner will throw in 5 unmounted stamps, the sale ends tomorrow, so make sure to check out the link tonight for all the details and to order. Also, she has some GREAT sheets of rubber stamps for $17, and if you order five sheets of stamps, you get a sixth one for free.
  • Rubber Nation: Not really a sale, but some great prices on sheets of stamps, how about $8? Make sure to go to both pages as there are a whole bunch of stamps on the second page, and I loved the Alpha sets they have for sale too!
  • Cherry Pie: Again, not really a sale, but some very unique stamps at good prices, if you are looking for a great bargain check out their plates for $22, lots of great images, you really need to check out this link.
  • Cape Argo Rubber Stamps: Their sheets are $15 for some AMAZING sets, huge number of images on these sets, you are going to love this link ; ) Make sure to email the company if you buy multiple sheets for the combined shipping price. These are really good bargains, how about 12 background stamps for $15?
  • Frantic Stamper: Some great sale items, especially the scrapbook kits and other tools, papers and embellishments.
Ready? Set? Shop!

Wooo hooo! I have the day off tomorrow, so will try to do a conparison to post, something I was wondering about and want to see if these as yet unnamed product are really all that different....stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no!!! Not more shopping...I know you warned me, but...oh well too late now!:) I was online shopping just last night! This hobby of ours is dangerous! heehee

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