Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TV Tuesday

Ok, not exactly TV, but who could resist that title? How about some videos tonight? I can watch some of the technique videos all night long, especially as I am more of a visual learner.

As you all know there are literally thousands of videos on rubber stamping, from how to do a certain project to learning new techniques to using certain products. Today we will look at technique videos, an idea that was actually given to me through one of the comments on yesterdays post. Here is the comment by AWorkOfHeart:

I also like to use the paint daubers by Ranger for image transfer. You can smear it all over an image you have printed out from a laser OR ink jet printer, then burnish paint side down onto nearly any surface. When the paint dries you remove the paper by spritzing with water and rubbing lightly. You are left with the image over a colored(whatever paint you used)background. Love those Ranger Daubers.

My good friend Patricia read the comment and then sent me a link to a video of this technique which is oh so cool:

Am very excited about having some extra time to sit down and try this technique.

Here is a great video from Scrapbook Lounge on how to water color your images, if you have not had much luck with this technique, make sure to watch this video as she gives a number of very good tips.

And this is a great video featuring Michael Strong, who shows you how to do a number of different techniques on one card (I am going to watch this one again because it was just amazing).

How about creating a neat background with distressed inks? Check out the video below for an easy way to create a colorful and unique background, I really liked this one too.

And then there is the frosted filter technique, really neat, now I have to go get some coffee filters : )

I hope you enjoy these technique videos, now I am off to hunt down some of my paints that are stored in the shed to try the Michael Strong technique (I have the same stamp he used too, thanks to my friend Patricia ; )

Hope you are able to find some stamping time tonight, and here is to a wonderful Wednesday.


Cath said...

Wow so many new things to learn and I, like you need to see how it's done . Thanks for the links!

christina d said...

Wow!! I don't know which video is my favorite, I love them all!

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