Monday, July 7, 2008

Little bits of everything

It is sooooooooooooo hot here right now, and expected to get hotter as the week goes on...sigh. I put the AC up to 78 (don't tell my hubby) to try to keep our utility bill from going through the roof, and I also have about seven fans running as well.

Now, on to stamping : ) Where to start? How about the GREAT deal I got at Costco the other day? Six packages of double sided adhesive....for 13.99! Each one costs about 2.33, and they have 3 m (meters?) more then the other adhesive I have been buying for 3.99 (12 vs 15 m)! Get over to Costco and pick up a few of these packages:

And a HUGE thank you to Megan Peacock who writes a blog called "Peacock Paperie." She saw the tutorial I posted the other day, bought some Bic markers and proceeded to color all weekend, doing amazing things like this (her examples are much better then mine):

If you had any doubt about using the Bic markers before, I hope you don't anymore : ) Thanks Megan for showing a much better example then I had : )

And yes, I do actually make cards, here are a couple I have done over the past week or so, one is for the SCS challenge today, and I have to upload it over there later (and one is from a challenge a week ago):

The one above is using the double chalk method. I applied chalk to the background, then stamped my image in Versamark, then chalked that in, and did the backgound all in chalk as well. Love using chalk, it is just so soft yet colorful.

This is for the SCS Try a new technique challenge, and the circle in the card spins : )

I just did this card as a sort of quick one, stamped the image, colored it with H20's, then highlighted some of the card with both glitter pen and white gel pen. I don't always have a whole lot of time to make cards, so I try to do simple but interesting cards if I can.

Ok, how about a few links tonight? I thought you might like to view some really cool tutorials I found, so get ready to click away!

  • Tissue Dyed Background: This is so neat, and while it make take a little time, the results are worth the work.
  • Envelopes: They have a how to and a recipe for making envelope glue, and then click here to see their measurements for all sorts of envelopes (make sure to print out this page and keep it for a reference.)
  • Faux Cloinsonne Tutorial: Ink, embossing powder, and magazine pages! Really cool technique by Michael Strong, and this tutorial takes you step by step directions. There is a video of this too, have to find the link, will post it later when I find it.
  • Doodle Stamps Technique: This tutorial will show you how to use a doodle stamp to make all sorts of interesting and unique images! One stamp, used over and over in different ways to make new images, really cool, and now I have to add these stamps to my "must have" list.
Oh, and I bought four packages of the cutest embellishments at the dollar store today, will take photos to show you tomorrow! Michaels didn't have much on sale, and as I am pretty much broke that was a good thing ; )

Have a wonderful night all, and remember that Tuesday is one day closer to Friday.

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