Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some neat videos for you to view

Just got home from a meeting, and no, I did not get my stamping done today, had so many things pop up, including having to take our car to get a smog check, pay bills, take son to work which was unexpected which then meant I had to leave for my meeting two hours earlier then I planned.)

I did walk around a target near my meeting, and yes, I visited the dollar bin, and yes, I bought some dollar things, DP (three packs of 12 sheets each for a dollar), some embellishments and then a pack of 50 pieces of cut cardstock (I am becoming the dollar Queen : ) If you are on a budget like I am, make sure to always stop by the dollar bins where ever you go because there are some amazing deals in those bins sometimes.

Ok, now, off to some really cool videos. I love to watch technique videos, mainly because I am more of a visual learner then a verbal or written learner (I have such a hard time with tutorials that are written and do not have pictures for each step.) Tonight I thought you might like to watch some of these videos, and then also check around some of the sites that are hosting the videos. Ready? Here goes!

  • Julia Andrus: I love her technique in the "Chalk Ink" video, never really thought to use the inks that way, but am sure going to try it tomorrow. Make sure to check out her stamp link to see some neat stamp sets (at very reasonable prices). My friend Patricia sent me this link, thank you, again, Patricia for finding these great videos!
  • How to tie a knot: I am still trying to get this technique down, and this video is a GREAT way to learn to do that knot just right. Also click here to see a whole list of her videos.
  • Paper Wishes: A really neat collection of videos on all sorts of techniques. I loved this video on using botanical and butterfly stamps. Check them all out, many are for scrapbooking, but you can use most of the techniques for your cards as well. You are not going to believe how many videos are here, scroll through the archive list for some great ides on quick Christmas cards.
Ok, that is it for tonight, should keep you busy for a few minutes at least : )

Enjoy what is left of Thursday and get ready for a GRAND Friday : )

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