Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Some great blogs for inspiration

There are literally tens of thousands of rubber stamping related blogs and websites. Anything and everything from stamping companies to designers, it is all online. Many times I surf and find a great blog, then check out the blogs "blog roll" which inevitably leads me to more great sites, and then I check that blogs blog roll....well you get the picture.

Needless to say, there are times when I can spend three, four hours admiring the work of some very talented and amazing stampers. From design to coloring, to fabulous techniques and tutorials, you could surf full time and still never find all the "goodies" out there.

Tomorrow I have the day off (well, sort of, still have all the house stuff to do, but I don't have to go into my paying job), so I will sit down and stamp, stamp, stamp! In preparing for my stamping gluttony tomorrow, I surfed the web tonight to seek some inspiration, and thus the creation of "inspirational links" for tonight's post. I hope you find some inspiration as you visit the blogs of these very talented ladies.

So follow me on an inspirational journey. Our starting point is:
  • Cindy Haffner's Corner: WOW! If I had any type of block about what to create tomorrow, well, a long look at this ladies AMAZING blog sure gave me enough ideas to last years and years.
After viewing her stuff, I saw a post linking to this blog:
Then I clicked around on Stamp Owl's Studio blog and found this site:
  • Confessions of a Naptime Stamper: Loved the first card with the bella image, she used plaid DP for the background AND the pants, really makes you think about all the things you can do by just repeating designs in your cards. Really liked this card as well.
And then I was off to check out this blog:
  • Poetic Artistry: This one is going to knock your socks off, what gorgeous cards this lady does, and she also has a TON of sketches on her blog! Almost didn't leave this blog it is so good.
I did move on though (but am going back soon to Poetic Artistry) and found this cool site thanks to Poetic Artistry:
And on it goes. I love that there are so many neat things about each of these blogs, one of the ones listed has a whole group of links to sketch designs, another blog has links to contests, they all have great cards and wonderful information.

Yes, it is still hot here, but not as bad as yesterday, hopefully it will cool off a bit tomorrow as well. Have a relaxing evening, and remember that Thursday is one day away from Friday!

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Dawn said...

Thanks for the blog info. I get so wrapped up in surfing that 3 or 4 hours can pass without me even knowing it. Your links gave me some great ideas!
Dawn :)

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