Monday, August 25, 2008

Fleeting days of summer.

Tomorrow my youngest starts his last year of high school. To think that not long ago I carried him in my arms, kissed away the worst that life brought him, read him a story and tucked him in each night, not so long ago, but a world away it seems sometimes. I look at him now, a young man, self assured, handsome, full of life, still a bit too mischievous, a twinkle in his eye that lights my day.

Ok, enough of the mush ; ) How about some links? I thought that I would post a few more links that are things I have found while surfing. Here we go:

* Arty Aspirations: Cataloging supplies. Wow, this lady is serious when she talks about cataloging her supplies! Check out the link for some ideas on how you can keep track of all your supplies.

* Page Plans: Great site if you need some inspiration, card makers or scrapers. Lots of sketches and examples, bookmark this one ladies it is a keeper!

* Stamp Quiz: How addicted are you? I am not going to tell you my addiction level, but over the top might just describe my score ; )

* How to make a bow: Really cool site on how to make all sorts of bows, given that we are now getting closer to the "C" word, a good link to check out.

* Letterboxing: My husband loves to GeoCache (uses a GPS to find sites/locations/boxes that are hidden all over the place. Letterboxing is the same thing, only there are enough clues that you don't need a GPS, and you leave your "stamped" image in a journal that you find, really fun, cooooooool site. Once you read the getting started link I have above, go here to start your adventure, make sure to click on "Search for Boxes" to get started.

Ok, am off to get ready for bed. Let me know if you try the Letterboxing, who knows, I may just have to create my own box soon ; )

Enjoy your evening, and have a great day tomorrow.


laurie in maine said...

We started Letterboxing at the end of June - happened upon it by accident looking for driving directions to a nearby hiking trail. Kept coming up with the clue page for Chick Hill on the LbNA site. Have found 20 so far :)

Atlas Quest (.com) has a more interactive and up-to-date list of clues. Our first 6 or 7 came-up-empty-handed attempts were old listings from LbNA.

Nancy Ward said...

Hi Jacquie,

I want you to know that I posted an entry on my blog yesterday linking to your 'Copic substitute' tutorial and video.

Your blog is excellent and a wonderful source of information.


Nancy Ward

Anonymous said... brought tears to my eyes, talking about your boys are growing up too fast in front of my eyes and there's nothing we can do to slow down time!
Thanks for all the great links!

Bridgett Owens said...

I am so excited that you posted these links! I love them! I had a couple already but I love the Letterboxing, especially. I have wanted to do that for around 4-5 years and I just now finally found 3 sites not too far away!
Bridgett SBS18

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jacquie for posting such wide ranging and interesting links. My distribution list is getting hooked on your site.

Happy Blogging!

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