Monday, September 21, 2009

Wait.....what happened to May, June, July and August?

Hi everyone, yes, I am still here, though a bit on the tardy side (do four months count as tardy?)  Things have been hopping around our home, as usual, and with working more hours my blog has not gotten the attention it deserves.  I do promise though that I will work on posting at least once a week, hopefully on Mondays.  So, shall we get to the "good stuff?"

I have been posting some tutorials on Paper Craft Planet, and will share them here as well, one of the tutorials, the crayon one, was also posted on Split Coast Stampers and a yahoo group for Michael Strong Stamps.  Remember the "Faux Stained Glass" technique (with melted crayons),  I have renamed it "Faux Enamel," and changed the technique a bit (and am working on a third way to do this amazing technique as well).  Click here to read the updated/changed melted crayon technique.

For those of you who love Magnolia Stamps (the little kids with no faces) you should check out two wonderful resources for Magnolia Stamps.  First, if you want to join a group dedicated to these great stamps then go to the yahoo group called "Magnolia-licious" and sign up for a wonderful experience. And if you want to purchase Magnolia stamps click over to Magnolia-licious for some of the best prices around (hint: if you are part of the yahoo group the owner of Magnolia-licious gives a 10 percent discount on your order, a new code is posted to the yahoo group each month). 

Here are a few of the cards I have been making using the Magnolia stamps:

From September 21, 2009
From September 21, 2009
From September 21, 2009
From September 21, 2009

Diana is the owner of Magnolia-licious and she provides the absolute BEST customer service, orders are sent very quick and she often includes a little something extra with your order.

Now, how about some other cool links?  Though I haven't been posting I have been saving links since April (yes, I have lots of links saved for you), so here are a few:

Copic Family Colors: Really cool listing (Flourishes Newsletter) of some good color groups for Copic markers (yes, I am still addicted to these markers, though I am also using the colored pencils with gamsol).  

Card Making Center:  Martha Stewart has a ton of tutorials and ideas for card makers, make sure to bookmark this wonderful resource.  Check out the Snowman button card, too cute!

Make a leaf print:  You have to see the print from just using some leaves and a hammer, they are simply amazing.  With Fall upon us there are some exciting leaf colors just waiting to be hammered and saved for a special card.

Mod Podge paper crafting ideas:  Mod Podge is great (and have you seen the new types they have? Glitter included!).  This site has some really good ideas, many of which can easily be used on a card or scrapbook page.  I linked to their paper crafting ideas, click on the blog title for all of the ideas and posts.

Copic Coloring Tutorial:  Wow! This is a very detailed tutorial, and will show you exactly how to get that wonderful seamless blending when you use your copics.  Make sure to check out the entire "Paper Crafts by Rach" blog, she has all sorts of challenge blogs listed (by day of the week), listings of blogs that are giving away "blog candy," and her own work is simply breathtaking.

I have really missed everyone and of course posting on the blog, so hang with me as I will be getting back into the swing of things.  

Ok, last, but of course not least, here is my tutorial for Paper Craft Planet on how to make glittery embellishments for your cards, let me know if you have any questions.

Tutorial on How to Make Glittery Embellishment Good                                                                                                                                   


Catrick said...

Wonderful links...nice to see you back behind the keyboard and the crafts. You were missed!

Jheffner said...

Thank you Catrick, it feels good to be back : ) I missed all of you more then you know.

Anonymous said...

Great links Thank you. I love to surf the web for different blogs and have come across quit a few myself if you are ever interested.

Jheffner said...

Hi there Charlene,

I am always on the outlook for great stamping links, please feel free to post them here or email me at Jacquie at

One can never have too many stamping links : )

Papercraft Cafe said...

I'm so glad you're back...I've really missed all your wonderful info and links!


Just-Kim said...

I missed reading your blog! I'm glad you are back up and I'm happy to see you're creating.
Welcome back!

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