Thursday, October 8, 2009

And the winner is........

Comment number 23 (via the Random Number Generator), all I have is an email address, "kristyk71 at"  So Kristy K at you are the winner of our wonderful Prickley Pear blog candy!  Check your email box for further instructions and congratulations!

And now, onto our regularly scheduled program : )

Here in CA Fall has definitely taken hold, our days are still warm (70's or so) but the nights and early evenings are getting a bit chilly....brrrrrr, and yes, for those of you in snow country those of us who live in CA are weather weenies, anything below 70 is chilly for us.

Fall is one of my favorite times of year, the days still contain a reasonable amount of sunlight, the weather is not too extreme one way or the other and the holidays, while looming, are not close enough for panic mode yet.  Driving to work I have to pay attention to the road because my eyes tend to wander and take in the beauty of fall, including the leaves which are fire red, sun yellow and all  colors in between, just screaming for attention and admiration.

Ok, enough of my dribble, how about some links tonight?   Ready?  Here you go:

Transcendence Embossing Powder:  This look very interesting, if anyone has had hands on experience with this product please let us know.  According to their website the powder will stick to any ink, yes, any ink, including dye ink.  With the holidays coming up this product could be a lifesaver for all the projects awaiting us in just a few short months.  The powder is one of many good deals on products at smARTworks, check out the "Spotlight Special," (GREAT deal on unmounted stamps AND the price INCLUDES shipping!), and Overstock Central

Colored Pencil Tips and Techniques:  This link has a number of excellent tutorials on coloring with colored pencils.  I especially liked Karen's list of her favorite color combination's, and the tutorial on how to color fall leaves.

Spotted Canary:  A really nice crafting community, the link I provided takes you to their paper crafting area, but they have also have a stamp area as well as a number of other craft related areas. Make sure to click on the menu bar on the left, lots of neat subjects and ideas.

Cut@Home Idea Gallery:  It will take you hours to go through all the projects listed on this site, tons of projects for you to view, from cards to boxes to just about anything made out of paper. I found at least three pages of card ideas for Christmas, some really cute baby cards and lots of other things.

Tri Shutter Card Tutorial and Template:  I love this card, have made a few and while they do take a bit of time, the results are well worth the effort.  You can add a larger image to the front panel to give added dimension to the card and the best part is that this card fits into a standard A2 envelope! 

And here is the video (and as an added bonus the video shows how to tie a flat knot):

Ok everyone, that is it for now, see you again on Monday!  I hope that you have a wonderful rest of the week.


Barb said...

I have a bottle of Transcendence Embossing powder, I do love it & it is fine in more ways than one. I usually use it with my black Versa Fine ink, unlike some clear embossing powders that tend to lighten the look of the black ink this one leaves it looking very black. I did try it with some dye inks but I prefer using heavy card stock or water color paper to the text weight paper, it doesn't stick as well to the heavier papers using dye inks. I paid $16.95 for mine (how sad eh), now I see it for $12.75 but it is still my favorite clear embossing powder. Hope this helps somewhat. Barb

Jheffner said...

Thanks for the feedback Barb, I think I will order some as clear embossing powder is about all I use!

And it seems to be a good price too : )

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