Friday, October 2, 2009

Adventures of the weekend and fun links.

Good morning and happy Monday (if there is such a thing as a happy Monday : )  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are off to a great start to your week. Don't forget to leave a comment on last week's post (click here) for a chance to win the blog candy : )  The winner will be announced on Thursday (deadline to enter is Wednesday at midnight.)

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Our weekend was somewhat uneventful, we did a few chores and had family over for the football game yesterday (go NINERS!)  Of course no weekend is without incident, and this one was no exception.  In preparation for the family visit I had just finished mopping the kitchen floor and went to exit the kitchen when my foot went out from under me and down I went, hitting my head on a cabinet and banging my knee in the doorway.

My fall was loud enough to bring my husband inside (he was watering outside at the time), I just laid there looking at this huge piece of skin hanging off my knee, moaning (no, I do not handle pain well.)  Eventually I did get up and hobble to the coach and put ice on my knee, all the while thinking that keeping a clean house is hazardous to ones health.  The knee still hurts, is black and blue and swollen, but my hard head was not even scratched, go figure : )

So while my knee recovers, our son is also recovering from his adventure last week.  It seems there is some type of concrete slide near his college (20 or so feet high).  As boys will be boys, my son and his friends got some cardboard and were sliding down the slide when my son got the bright idea that he should try going backwards, this is the result:

Of course we should have some links with the post, so here we go:

Hexagonal Stacking Box:  You are going to love this template (perfect for the upcoming holidays).  The directions on the site as well as the template.  I loved the look of this box (haven't made one yet, but plan on doing one soon), and really liked how they all stacked together.

Tipsy Pot:  I loved this for the garden, and you could decorate the pots with your stamps and have a unique piece of "living" garden art.

Free Online Scrapbook Classes:  This link will take you to a page that has some free/samples classes to download.  All of the samples are complete classes, there are quite a few for you to sample.

From my Craft Room:  Amazing Tilda cards here, take a look and be awed by the beauty of these cards.  I spent over an hour on this blog looking at her wonderful creations.

Magnolia Creations by Inge:  Another blog with some amazing cards using Tilda stamps.  

Make your own baby wipes:  I loved this idea!  I still have some baby wipes left from a big box I purchased at Costco, but when I run out I am making these!

Lyra Polycolor 72 Pencils:  GREAT price on these colored pencils, and I love the site as well, some pretty good deals to be found here, check out these prices on Pearl Ex and Pan Pastels.

Masque Pen:  I haven't tried this yet, but am very tempted.  Using this pen eliminates the need to make a paper masque when you are stamping multiple images.  If anyone has used this pen, let me know if you think it is worth the cost. 

How to make a "Star Book:"  This is a great project, and I love how the book opens into a star.  The directions are really clear and this project looks like it should be pretty easy (maybe a little time consuming though). 

How to make a paper lantern video.  You could make these out of orange paper and decorate them to look like pumpkins.  The dollar store carries the small led lights (they look like little votive candles), and you could put those inside the lantern for a really fun decoration for Halloween.

Here is the video (very simple to follow):

Ok, that is all for now folks, time for me to jump (mmmm, hobble?) into the shower and get ready for the work week.

Have a wonder day everyone, and please be careful when mopping your kitchen floor : )

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