Monday, October 19, 2009

Projects, links and ideas, a perfect way to start the week.

Good morning to everyone, I hope that your weekend was filled with all sorts of wonderful and creative stamping time.  I find it interesting that the somehow the two days of the weekend go by so much faster then any one day during the week, perhaps some scientist will study the time warp of weekend days versus work week days sometime in our lifetime. : )

Our weekend was pleasant, though the week started out a bit on the wild side due to the weather, specifically a very intense rain storm.  How intense?  Here are some pictures:

From October 13 2009 b
The above picture shows the street around the corner from our house, lots and lots of water which came from our local creek, shown below.

From October 13 2009 b

The creek, which is actually a very old irrigation ditch (from the late 1880's) is about three houses away from our house.  Since we have lived here the creek has flooded our neighborhood about three times, usually after a number of storms.  This time the creek rose and partially flooded our area in less then a day.

The picture below was taken the day after the rain storm:

From October 14 2009

It is still amazing to me how much water went into the creek in such a short period of time, and how fast the water went back to normal after the storm.  Luckily our house, though near the creek, is higher then the rest of the neighborhood so our street doesn't flood.  And we are also lucky that the level of flooding (when it occurs) is usually no higher then driveways and the water recedes quickly.

Now onto some links  : ) 

Mini Scrapbook Albums:  You are not going to believe how much information you can find at this link, from how to do almost any type of mini album you can think of to ideas for your albums.  While I do not scrapbook much (is not at all considered not much?), mini albums are something I might just be able to take on.  I really loved the theme page, lots and lots of ideas for you to play with.

How to wire a button letter:  Neat idea for a card, make letters (and shapes) with some buttons and wire! 

Weaving with paper:  I love this idea!  You could use card stock instead of the packaging and decorate these baskets for the holidays, better yet, save this link for a neat project for the kids during the holidays.

Punching Paint Chips:  Cool idea using free paint chips! I have a bunch of paint chips and can't wait to try this idea.  A very simple idea for cards or scrap booking that gives you a very polished finished product.

Double embossing with the Cuttlebug and nestibilities:  Love this technique and can't wait to try it on some cards I need to make for Christmas.

How to make your own scratch off lottery ticket:  Way cool, easy and a fun technique to keep around.  You could even use this to do a scratch off game in a card for a child, like tic tac toe.

Paint a button mini tutorial:  I saw this on SCS and thought it was a brilliant and very simple idea! 

And last, but not least, this GREAT video on making a GREAT project, an expanding file folder with lots and lots of possibilities.  Here is a link to the project directions, here is a link to some book binding glue and below is the video of how to put the project together:

I hope you like the links from today, and don't forget to check back next week on some more fun and exciting links and videos!

Hope your week is filled with all sorts of wonderful and exciting moments.


Charlene said...

These were great site to visit. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, after I saw your post on Magnolia-lious I checked out the photos of your cards. All which are fabulous! Which led me to your blog. You now have a new follower!
I love your work.
I am so sorry about all of the water. I hope you can stay dry!

vaxcel said...

You have such a great blog!

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