Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday morning fun: How to make your own flower soft! And of course more links : )

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. We didn't do a whole lot this weekend, attended a baby shower (my best friends son is having a little girl in less then a month), did some stamping, wrote a tutorial for Paper Craft Planet and watched a few movies.

We love to watch movies here, at the theater or at home, and this weekend we watched "The Proposal," a cute movie with Sandra Bullock, if you want something lighthearted make sure to rent or buy this cute movie. Speaking of movies I can't WAIT for the movie "2012" to come out. I absolutely LOVE disaster movies, and "2012" is made by the same person who made "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow," two of my favorite movies : ) 

Ok, on to some links.

Make your own flower soft:  As promised, here is an amazingly EASY tutorial on making your own flower soft, and yes, it does work.  I made some this weekend, have white and a peach, and am going to make some red, blue and green as well.  For glue I used Aleene's Tacky Glue.  To dye the home made flower soft I used a reinker, put my white flower soft in a zip lock bag, added a few drops of reinker and let the flower soft dry (kept the bad open) and was ready to go.

Here are some of my pictures, first is an image I stamped and then added my home made fluff:

From Flower Soft

This is how I am storing what I make, the large glass container is for the white and the smaller one was an empty clear embossing powder container:

From Flower Soft

And here is the video from Hog Wild About Stamping:

Free Paper Craft Patterns:  Great site for all sorts of paper crafting, you will need to enter your email address and some other information to gain access to the downloads.  Some really neat patterns here.

How to make a stay put bow:  Great idea to make a bow stay put on your card, you will love this and be amazed at how simple this is.

How to make a bow using a fork:  Yes, you read that right, and it is a really good way to make a bow, make sure to check out the link.

Using an A2 envelope for a square card:  Simple, easy and wonderful way to use a regular A2 envelope for your square 4 1/2 sized cards : )

Not Just Stamping:  Some really good prices on Rubber Bandit unmounted stamps.  I loved these Christmas stamps, and these too, and I especially loved the prices : )

Ok everyone, that is all for now, have a great week and the best Monday ever.

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Monica-FC said...

this is neat making your flower soft i always wanted to know if there was a way to do this and i thank you as i am going to try this as i was wanting to buy some but didn't like the price but now you gave a chanve to have some also. making it. love the idea.

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