Monday, November 2, 2009

A "tail" of a story today, and some fun links.

Good morning and happy Monday to everyone.  I hope you all remembered to turn the clock back on Sunday, if not then you might want to change your clocks today.  Our weekend was busy, we cleaned the gutters (even though there is no rain in the near future), redid some caulking in one of the bathrooms (the other one is scheduled for this week) and went to visit my Mom and her new "addition."

Last Friday my brother (who lives in San Francisco) was on his way to visit my Mom (who also lives in San Francisco) when a little dog started following him as he went to his car.  My brother finally picked up the tiny package and went up and down the street asking people if they had lost a dog, finding no takers he then brought the dog to my Mom's house where the little thing has been ever since.

The little addition has been named Gigi, and it is all of 2 pounds 9 ounces.  The vet said that Gigi was about a year and half old, had no chip, was malnourished, but in otherwise good health.  We went up to visit my Mom and her new friend on Saturday and fell in love with Gigi (though she needs to learn to stop nipping). 

Here are some pictures:

From October 31 2009

Here my husband put his hand against Gigi so you can get an idea of how small she is:

From October 31 2009

And one more:

From October 31 2009

We bought Gigi some toys, treats and a small harness for my Mom to use when walking her.  My Uncle's wife bought Gigi two beds, more toys, a sweater, coat and other goodies as well.  Everyone who sees Gigi falls in love with her, one of my Mom's friends is making some special food for Gigi and bringing it over.

Hopefully Gigi will fatten up a bit, and with some minor training she will be a great companion for my Mom. 

Now, onto some links : )

Designer Blogs:  CardMaker digital magazine has put together a list of some great blogs by card designers.  Check out the list and get ready to enjoy some amazing talent.

Glitter Fun:  I love this site (did I tell you that I have a glitter addiction?).  All sorts of great ideas for glitter, projects, art and of course some glitter to buy if you want.  Make sure to check out their techniques page as well as all the various types of glitter they have for sale.

Great price on square envelopes:  I have an enveloper but have decided that it is too expensive to make my own 6 x 6 envelopes.  This site has some of the best prices I have seen for square envelopes, and they also have a great variety.  More and more I am making square cards, either 6 x 6 or 5.5 x 5.5, and need to put in an order for these great envelopes.  Some of the envelopes are only 7.16 for 50 (which is an amazing price),

More good prices on square envelopes:  This site also has some good prices, and for a nominal charge you can order samples of their products.

Copic storage:  I loved this idea, if I had the room this is how I would store my copics.  Check out how easy it is to find the color that you need and how neat this system is.

How to make a button flower:  This is so simple and it makes a great embellishment for your card.  I also love how the person made pins out of these, really cute idea.

Color Infusion Threads:  I use thread as well as ribbon on my cards, the link gives you some great ideas on how to use these threads with your paper projects. 

Amazing fold-em templates and videos:  I love the look of the fold-ems, what a great addition to a card or scrapbook page.  The videos take you through the cutting process, and while it looks a bit time consuming the results are well worth the time.

And since we are quickly approaching the holidays, here is a video on how to color a Santa face using copics, some really good coloring here and she takes you from start to finish:

Have a wonderful week everyone!  Next week I will post some of the Tilda cards I have been making (and yes, they all have glitter somewhere ; )


gailwoo said...

I live in SF too! Where do you live?

Jheffner said...

Hi Gail,

My Mom lives near SF State, I live in San Jose, CA. Where in SF do you live?

gailwoo said...

I live near Stonestown Galleria (the mall), near Lowell HS, Ocean and 19th Ave.

Jheffner said...

Wow! You live REAL close to my Mom! I will have to let you know the next time we will be up there to see her : )

Barb said...

What a precious little bundle Gigi is, I think she's in the perfect home now.

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