Monday, March 8, 2010

And the winner is........

Did you see the Academy Awards last night?  I thought it was one of the best shows they have done, and while I haven't seen many of the pictures that won awards, the show peeked my curiosity so we now have five movies on our must see list.  

Other then watching the awards our weekend was pretty basic, my accomplishment of note being that I managed to get all the laundry done and also finished a card (yes, only one).  Weekends seem to go by so fast, and lately during the week I haven't had time to sit down and stamp as much as I like.  Hopefully this week I can find some stamping time, especially as I get pretty grumpy when I can't find the time to stamp.

Here is the card I made yesterday, a plain card, but it was fun to color with copics:

From 2010-03-08

Isn't that the cutest boy stamp?  The stamp came from Susana's Custom Art and Card Design, I absolutely love her shop!  And if I get some time I will make some more cards this week with the other stamps I have from her shop.

It takes me forever to figure out what I want to do with a card, but eventually it comes together : )  Anyhow, how about some stamping stuff?

The Pearl Pens I ordered from Susana arrived early last week, and let me tell you they are everything you have ever dreamed of in a dimensional pen.  I have only had time to sample the product, but I can't wait to use them on a card!  And Susana now has the white pen in stock!  Not only are the pens great, but Susana has the absolutely BEST service, I placed my order and three days later I had the pens in my hot little hands!

Color Wheel:  This is a great reference to help you pick out colors for your projects.  Lots of information on color, all of which is easy to understand and follow.

Iridescent card stock:  I have read that this card stock is great for card making, haven't tried it yet, however it is on my list of things to order and try. 

GREAT flower tutorial:  Wow!  This tutorial is wonderful, it shows you how to make Anemones, and let me tell you they look amazing! 

The "Cinch" by Memory Keepers:  This looks like a great tool for those who make books and albums.  I especially liked how it seems to be very easy to use (ease of use is something I look for in tools). 

And here is a Mica Gloss video.  I bought a few colors of the Mica Gloss last year and have been looking for a video ever since.  If you haven't tried these yet I can tell you they are GREAT!  Amazing ability to blend, and the colors are wonderful.  I especially like the shimmer these inks give your project:

Ok, that is it for today, I have to get ready for work and out the door in 15 minutes (luckily the laundry is done so I might be able to find something to wear).

Have a GREAT day everyone, see you next Monday.


My Creative Time said...

What a GREAT card! That image is adorable & you did an AWESOME job with your coloring!
P.S. thanks for the video!

LorraineB said...

Cute card, great links, and I HATE doing laundry. The actual doing it is no big deal but putting it away is a whole other story.

Cherie said...

Jacquie, That Mica Gloss looks fabulous! I love JudiKins products! As always, thanks for all the great tips, etc. that you share with us! I have withdrawals when I don't hear from you! :)

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