Monday, March 15, 2010

What are the tools/products you can't do without?

Happy Monday everyone.  The weather here has been interesting, Friday it was raining cats and dogs, today, the sun is out and I even was able to hang sheets out to dry!  All the windows are still open (I am writing this on Sunday evening because there is no way I can get this post done in the morning before work).

Getting up this morning was....not fun, good ole Daylight Saving Time, however having the sun out this late is pretty nice, and that should be even better when coming home from work (longer sunlight means I might actually get out and walk in the evening).

So, today I thought we could go over some "must have" items, and why these things fall into the "must have" category.  I would recommend these things for anyone who is starting out as well as anyone who has been stamping for a while. 
What exactly is a "must have, can't do without tool/product?"  Well, it is something that you use every time you stamp, and it can be basic or not so basic.  Here are some of my can't do without, must have tools:

Quickie Glue Pen

I LOVE these glue pens, by far the best glue pen on the market.  This pen lasts a long time, is inexpensive and it is great for glitter (especially for small areas).  I reach for this glue almost every time I sit down to stamp.

Mono Multi Liquid Glue:

Again, an amazing glue product.  If you don't have this, get it!  I am still using the same bottle that I have had for almost two years, you don't need much and it works amazingly well for gluing flowers to your cards/scrapbook pages. 

ATG Gun: (double sided tape)

Double sided tape is a must have when making cards/scrapbook pages and other paper crafts, and the tape can be very expensive.  I finally broke down and bought an ATG Gun and tape from Tape Depot and am I ever glad that I did!  I still have one of the smaller tape dispensers for small areas, but use my ATG every day, and the tape lasts forever!
Yes, the ATG is large, but there is just no comparison to what the cost is for using the ATG over other types of two sided tape.

Here is a review/comparison of the ATG versus the Glue Glider Pro , which is a smaller version of the ATG with much more expensive refills.  I have both the ATG and the Glue Glider Pro and am going to get rid of the Glue Glider because of the cost of the refills.

Paper Trimmer (Martha Stewart, Making Memories, Fiskars):  I like the Making Memories trimmer, and the Martha Stewart one too.  While I still have the Fiskars cutter I don't use it as much because the markings wore off. For quick cuts I use the Martha Stewart, but when I am doing lots of cutting I use the Making Memories because the blade never dulls.  And here is a comparison of the Fiskars vs the Martha Steward trimmer.

Here is a video of the Martha Steward trimmer:

Cropadile (I LOVE this tool): Here is a link to the directions in case you have lost them (like I have). What a great tool for hole punching, for setting eyelets and snaps, easily and perfectly. 

Circle Cutter: I have the Martha Steward one, and I love it (though I haven't cut many circles lately.)

And yet another Martha Stewart video:

Bone folder (by the way has anyone seen mine?):  The only way to make a clean fold on your projects.  I have NO idea where mine is, it is somewhere in my craft area....just where is the problem, and yes, I am lost without it!

ScorPal/Buddy:  What can I say?  Scoring was never so easy, and this tool is tops in my book.

Electronic Cutter (Circuit, Slice, and so on):  I only have the Slice (which is not working right now, please answer my email Slice), but an electronic cutting tool of some type is a must have for anyone who is a serious paper crafter.  You can make so many things, from embellishments to words, sayings, the list is endless. 

Die Cutter (Cuttlebug, BigShot etc.):  So many uses, especially embossing, a must have for all paper crafters.

Good scissors:  I have a number of scissors, but use the smallest ones the most because I cut out so many of my images.  Good scissors are a must!

Coloring tools:  Too many to list really.  I use everything, from chalk to Copics, distress inks, Prisma Colored Pencils (for OMS), any type of paint that "shimmers," (Twinkling H20's etc.), pastels, watercolors, crayons, and yes, all of them are a must have : )  The things I use the most often are: Copics, distress ink and the prisma colored pencils with OMS. 

Nesties:  The best tool for making layers, hands down.  I have a number of sets and LOVE these tools!   Making layers have never been so easy, or so rewarding.

This is my list, and it is far from complete.  What is your must have tool/product?  What would you add to this list? What would you take off of this list?  Why?  What would you tell a beginner to get? To avoid?  Why?  Please make sure to leave a comment and share with everyone your "must haves."
That is it for today!  Next week I will have a few cards made with the Pearl Pens I told you about, I LOVE the pearl pens, if you haven't gotten one yet, don't wait, they are amazing.

Have a great week, and don't forget to stamp, stamp, stamp!


Jackie said...

Most of those are on my list, with the exception of the circle cutter. I have it, but cutting small circles leaves a lot to be desired. If you have any tips for using it yourself, please post them. Most of the time my circles, even the larger ones, don't come out even.

Jheffner said...

Hi Jackie, I use a glass cutting mat with some re-positionable glue (tack it over) for my circles. If you keep the handle straight up and down it keeps the circles from getting "wobbly"

I found that once you get a few good circles you get the hang of the circle cutter : )

Hope that helps, thanks for weighing in.

My Creative Time said...

My must haves are:
1. My gypsy
2. Cricut
3. Atg gun
4. Score-Pal
5. Copic Markers
6. Peachy Keen Stamps:)
Thank you SOOOO much for the tutorials! they are awestome!

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