Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Did someone say September? I know someone said links : )

Here we are, the last day of August, summer has flown by, and we are quickly approaching the fall season. I love fall and spring, as they are two seasons without the excesses of summer and winter (heat/cold).  And fall colors are amazing, the reds, yellows, oranges bring a warmth that the weather is trying to take away.

The next few weeks should be interesting at our house, we are having a new roof installed, a solar system, new windows, a new front door, new closet doors (actually we have no closet doors right now) and insulation.  Our roof has to be replaced (missing shingles), and we have the original windows (we are installing double paned), and our insulation is almost nonexistent in the attic.  We are also going to have a sun tunnel installed (to give the hall bathroom a bit of natural light).  So, depending on how things go my postings in the next few weeks might be a bit brief.

And here is a picture of a spider that has decided to make the area outside my office its "home:"

From 2010-08-24

Yes, that is a large spider, and I was amazed at the size of its web as well.  Each day the spider finds a new place to spin a web, and each day I try to find out where it has moved.  I am not a huge spider fan, however this one was just so amazing I had to take a picture.

Now, onto some stamping stuff!  This week over at the "Follow Your Heart" blog we have been challenged to use at least three products from Susana's store (Susana's Custom Art and Card Design), and this is what I came up with:

From 2010-08-23

And a close up of the lettering:

From 2010-08-23

The new Elisabeth Bell stamps are so cute, my daughter loves them and I made this card for her birthday (even though she is 25 she still loves cute animals). I actually used more then three products on my card: versamarkclear embossing powder, copics, viva decor, spellbinders and diamond glaze : )  I cut the "Happy Birthday" out with my slice (white cardstock), colored with copics (feathered the orange to red), then covered the letters with versamark and clear ep, heated the ep, then repeated a few times for a nice raised effect.

Don't forget to head over to Susana's store for some fabulous new stamps, can't WAIT to try these out.

And now, some links:

Impression Obsession:  I absolutely LOVE these background stamps, ordered the large snowflake background and a few others, will make it so much easier to create coordinating backgrounds for cards.

Ribbon Organizing:  Another great storage idea, and something I might be putting on my "must order" list.  Again, my area is so small that something like this is a godsend.

Really Useful Boxes:  Great assortment of all types of storage boxes that you can use for almost every crafting need you have!

Fiskars Continuous Roller Stamp:  What I am liking about this is that the images are stored flat, so instead of all sorts of rollers you have one roller, some ink which are the larger items to store, but the others are flat...and because they are flat you can also use them as a regular stamp.....check out the video on this product, looks interesting.

Cute Halloween Card:  This is so cute and simple, and just in time for Halloween.

Little book of Sketches:  Amazing collection of sketches for just about everything you could want, cards (all sorts of sizes) and scrapbook pages (again, various sizes) and even some ATC sketches.

Time to get dinner ready for the family!  Hope you have an amazing week filled with all sorts of creative goodness.  Take care, and thank you for stopping by.


slbt17 said...

Jacquie - I was just trying to clean out my mail - I had about 50 of past posts from you saved - all with fun, valuable links from you.... thank you - love all the inspiration I get from this site!

LorraineB said...

I'm not a huge spider fan either but this spider is actually pretty, not to mention how huge it is. Watching them spin their webs is really interesting. When you think about it, it's really amazing.
When my in box is overloaded with emails I sometimes just delete some of the stamping sites I subscribe to. However, I NEVER delete yours. I could easily miss something interesting or educational. You never disappoint!

Jheffner said...

Thank you ladies so much for your comments : ) I love to know that my links are useful to you : )

Lorraine: The webs are amazing, the other day I watched the spider working on its web....just amazing to see how they work so hard and with such symmetry.

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