Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enabler Alert! Read this post at your own risk!

Happy Tuesday!  August is half way finished, and the trees are starting to turn color around here, only problem? We didn't really have a summer, but then again, it has been GREAT not having a high utility bill (no need for AC for most of the summer), and truthfully, I am loving the mild weather.

This is a very long post, and it is divided into three sections, 1.) Cards made using the Dreamweaver paste and stencils, 2.) The room divider I told you about last week and 3.) last, but never ever least, some links to Christmas stamps.

1.) So...why the enabler alert?  Because I think you will like what is being posted today, and you may also want to try out some of the things being posted today : )  As you might know, I am part of the "Follow Your Heart" DT, which is Susana's Custom Art and Card Design blog.  This week we were challenged to use stencils with the DreamWeaver paste...and oh my, I got a bit carried away!

So, here is what I came up with:

From 2010-08-15

Close up:

From 2010-08-15

I used the translucent paste and then sprinkled glitter on to the wet paste after I lifted the stencil off of the paper.  First I tapped some green in spots and then quickly turned the card over so that there were still areas that did not have glitter, then I sprinkled some light blue, flipped and tapped off the extra glitter, then a darker blue.  The design is amazing in person, very 3D and it just glimmers with all that glitter!

Then this happened:

From 2010-08-15

The card above was created using the white embossing paste with some Glamour Dust sprinkled on top of the wet paste.

And then I had to do this:

From 2010-08-15

And then this:

From 2010-08-15

Here are a few more that I stenciled but didn't get around to making a card with yet:

From 2010-08-15

From 2010-08-15

One of the reasons I was carried away with using the paste is that I finally got the hang of doing this technique, and wow!  Once you get the hang of it you really do not want to stop!  Here is a quick video on how to use the embossing paste (hint:  do NOT use any pressure when you are spreading the paste, that was my mistake before, simply spread it over the stencil.  Also, hint 2:  cut your card stock to the exact size of the stencil, hint 3: you can use regular scotch tape because you will not have paper hanging over the edge to worry about.  I taped my stencil to the paper using my craft mat, it worked like a charm).

And here is a link to the videos on Susana's Store blog.

Just one more "hint:" PRACTICE!  I promise that once you get the hang of this you will LOVE it!  It is actually very easy once you practice and learn how to spread the paste.  I have tried this technique before with not so great results, my problem was using too much pressure to spread the paste, all you are doing is gently putting the paste on and spreading.

Don't forget to check out the brass stencils at Susana's store, and the other great stencils she has as well!

Now.....Part 2!

My husband and I were at Costco two weeks ago and I saw a room divider that was PERFECT for my scrapbooking paper!  This is what I used to have:

From stamping area

And this is what is there now:

From 2010-08-15

From 2010-08-15

From 2010-08-15

After we bought the room divider I also ordered some trays for 12x12 paper and what a difference it makes! It is so much better!  And I don't need to worry about the whole thing falling down, and I love having the paper in trays now!

As I am always saying, my area is very small, but I love being in the family room with everyone, and truthfully, even though I would love to have a whole room, I am not sure I want to give up my little corner : )

And now, part 3!  Links!  About this time of the year I start thinking about what type of card I want to make for Christmas, and I thought today it would be fun to list links of Christmas stamps (some are new stamps, some are just ones I like).  So here we go:

Hero Arts:  This link is to the blog, but the store will have their new holiday catalog online starting....TODAY!  Here is a store that has them ready to purchase.

Stampango:  Wait until you see these adorable stamps! And they have quite a few verse stamps as well.

The Stamping Place:  Some wonderful stamps here and lots and lots of variations!

Amuse:  Here are some adorable stamps as well (can you tell that I love Christmas stamps?)

PB Stamps:  Some very cute and unique images here.

GinaK:  This is one set, but it is an exceptional Christmas set.

QKR:  More great stamps here, very nice and would make great cards and other craft items for Christmas.

SlideShow Stamps:  Great retro stamps, and some unique images.

Northwood Rubber Stamps:  TONS of stamps here, click on the Christmas Sayings for a HUGE amount of stamps to choose from.

Ok everyone, that is about all I have for today!  Hope your day is going well, enjoy your week and thank you for visiting!


LorraineB said...

You always post such great tutorials and share info we all could benefit from. Your new shelving is great and will make crafting alot easier. Haven't gone to the links yet but definitely will. Thanks. It's been very hot in New York this summer. Looked on your page to see where you're located but didn't see it.

Jheffner said...

Hi Lorraine,

Thank you for the kind words : ) We live in San Jose, CA and our summer has been very mild, mostly 70's and 80's (I think all our heat went east this year : )

Hope you like the xmas stamps, there were sum very cute ones in the links.

Danni said...

Wow! Look at you with all these awesome creations!! Fabulous job!

Cherie said...

Jacquie, You are such an enabler! Love your dreamweaver cards! I ahve a few of their stencils and just love them! They are so easy to work with! Thanks for sharing them and all the stampin web sites!

Kim said...

Absolutely STUNNING work Jacquie! Love all the fun glitter you used with the different pastes! Gorgeous!!
Hugs~ Kim

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