Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday is oh so much better then Monday ; ) And lots of links for you too.

Good morning!  We had a nice rain over the weekend, but sunny skies and somewhat warm weather for this week, which is fine for me : )  Our house is in total disarray with all the construction, we started with the windows today, and the hall bathroom still has to be finished.

Remember the "Sketchbook Project" that I linked to last week?  My sketchbook came in the mail on Friday and I decided that my book would be "Unfinished Life Projects."  Basically I am using all of the scraps I have from projects, backgrounds I made but did not use, stamped images that I colored but didn't use and so on. I figured that putting all those things in a book does two things:  clears out my area while at the same time represents all those unfinished things we have in life, from paper crafting to other areas.

I figure that using these unfinished elements in the book actually will "finish" these elements when I am done with the book : )

So, here are a few pictures of what I have done so far:

From 2010-11-09

From 2010-11-09

From 2010-11-09

Calendar Templates:  Lots and lots of templates here for you to use (gifts, making your own planners and so on).  I love when all the links are in one place like this, makes knowing how to find the information so much easier!

Digital Stamping:  What is the difference between a JPG and a PNG file?  Click on the link to find out, GREAT information for anyone who is using digital images, or is thinking of using them.

Outliners Design Team Search:  I love their stamps and saw that they are now looking for DT members, so if you are so inclined, go for it : )

Digital Stamp Companies:  GREAT thread on SCS, lots and lots of places to find digital images.

99 cent specials: Check out some of these stamps and other items for only 99 cents!  One of my most favorite stamps of all time is here, the "dream" stamp.  Other bargains here as well.

Templates for Xmas cards:  Loved these, print out a card with a ready made border, add another stamp, some color and you are good to go (and it makes for a nice easy kid craft.)

Really cool snowflake:  I might even try this for some quick gifts this year.

And this is a great snowflake too:  A fun project with the kids, and I love that this shows how to make a snowflake with six points, you will be amazed at these (and they are easy).

A whole lot of videos:  Mrs. Grossman has a ton of videos on how to use stickers for some pretty interesting projects (I have so many unused stickers, these videos gave me some good ideas on how I can start to use them up.)

Thats it for today, check back in next week for some more GREAT links just in time for Xmas : )

And thank you so very much for being such loyal readers of my blog.


Jokey said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to find these wonderful links! I've been following for a while and just wanted to say thank you!

Jheffner said...

Thank you Jokey : ) I love to know that people are enjoying the links. Lots of good stuff online, sort of like a weekly treasure hunt : )

Have a great day

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