Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lots and LOTS of videos today, from DIY to some great Copic techniques

Well, Fall seems to have taken a very strange turn in CA, yesterday it was in the 80's, today is forecast to be in the high 70's, go figure.  Not that I want the cold weather, but it sure doesn't feel like fall : )

Our home remodel is moving along, the refrigerator is in the family room while the contractor replaces our 17 year old kitchen floor, we still only have one toilet, and the windows are close to being finished.  We will have to wait for three more weeks for the vanity in the bathroom, but we should have the floor and toilet in soon : )

Enough of all that, onto some AMAZING videos and links for this week. Since there are so many videos below, I will sign off here at the top, thanks so much for stopping by, you are the reason that I continue finding all these goodies on the web.  Have a great week!  And now...on with the show ; )

GREAT video on blending/feathering two very different copic colors:

Wonderful copic coloring!  There is no sound to the tutorial, but watch and be amazed, never thought to do a few of the things this person did, I sure plan on trying them though!

Make your own glimmer glaze!  This is a really easy thing to make, and inexpensive as well!  Make extra's to give to your crafting friends at Christmas.   And the iridescent medium can be bought at your local Michaels, or online for about  half the price (LOVE this stuff!).  All you need are small jars to store the glaze.

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And how about making your own glimmer glam?  Here is another recipe, and here is where to find the inexpensive gel mentioned in the video, and here is a link to the Pearl Ex.  Another great thing to make for Christmas gifts for your crafting buddies.

Make your own shimmer paints.  Wait till you see how easy this is....and again, a great way to make a gift for your crafting buddies at Christmas:
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And here is how to make your own Twinkling h20's, easy and with GREAT results!

Martha Stewart Punch All Over the Page.  This video shows you how easy it is to use this new punch, I bought the star one this weekend for my Christmas cards, and yes, it is easy and so versatile!  Fiskars also has a punch anywhere punch that allows you to buy the base and then you buy the various shapes to put into the punch base.  The Martha Stewart punch is not cheap, but when they go on sale they will be a fairly good price.
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LorraineB said...

You are so wonderful to post these links. I love your blog and appreciate how much info you share with everyone. I posted your link on Splitcoaststampers.com under techniques so that everyone can benefit from your blog. Also posted a link to your blog just in case there's someone out there who doesn't know what they're missing. I learn so much from you. THANK YOU!!

Jheffner said...

Thank you Lorraine : ) I have some more really cool links stored up for next week.

Amazing how many things are out there for us to drool over, learn from and simply appreciate.

Again, thanks for your kind words, it makes my day to know that people are able to use the links I post : )

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