Tuesday, December 7, 2010

19 days and counting : ) This week links to quick and easy Christmas projects

Happy Tuesday!  The camera is back, better then ever and actually taking nonpink pictures.  Our remodeling is still going on, so....we do not have the tree up yet, and our outdoor decorations are limited to just the icicle lights (which are new this year, led's).  We are still waiting for the stucco to be finished around the new windows, so we can't put too much up outside as it will interfere with the ability of the workmen to set up for the stucco work.

One thing I noticed with our new windows...we can't hear the wind/rain anymore.   Yesterday we had a rainy/windy day and I had to keep looking outside to see what the weather was, before the new windows you could "hear" the weather (and feel it as well).  Am so glad we have the new windows though, they are so nice, and yes, you will get pictures soon.

Now onto some links!  I thought this week would be a good time to find some quick and easy projects for the holidays, because sometimes we just have to craft at the last minute : )

Christmas Tree from a Book:  Love this idea, and I need to find a few books to try this with.  After folding use some spray paint and glitter to give your tree some added bling.

Circle of Lace:  Loved this as well, especially if you have some extra lace around the house.  Be creative and make double circles, put interesting embellishments in the middle, add glitter, and so on.

GREAT idea for a Christmas Centerpiece:  Wait until you see this idea for a quick and easy centerpiece for Christmas.

Words of Christmas:  Another great idea, and yes, simple as well!  You could actually use this idea to make either house decorations or tree decorations to give as gifts.

103 Quick and Easy Christmas Gifts:  Loved this, and hope you will too.  Almost all of the ideas are great for paper crafters!

Curly Wired Christmas Ornament:  So easy, and adorable!

Quick and easy Snowman ornament:  Loved this one too, and it would be a fun craft for kids.

Christmas Idea Page:  All sorts of things here for you to try (the two links right above are from this link).

You are going to LOVE this idea:

More ideas can be found here.

Hope you find something useful in the links today.  Check back next week for an product review, more links (of course) and pictures!

Until then, stay warm and have a wonderful week.

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