Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time to get organized; out with the old, in with the new

Happy after Thanksgiving!  I hope you spent your holiday enjoying your family and friends.  We had a nice time with my Dad, ate too much, but so enjoyed having a quiet and relaxed Tday.

I still do not have my camera back, so no pictures again this week.  Our remodeling is moving along, waiting for a few little things and then a break while we celebrate Christmas.

And so I thought that while we usually wait until after Christmas to organize ourselves, this year how about trying to fit in a little time to clear out some of your older, unused things (give them away to schools, teachers, friends) to make way for what Santa might bring your way.

Once some of the stuff is cleared out it becomes easier to reorganize what is left.  Today the posts are all about organization,  how to organize your craft supplies, from large ideas to some pretty interesting small  ideas, there is sure to be something here for you to use.  Oh, and remember that some of these ideas will work as gifts for your crafting friends as well (don't you just love being able to give a crafter something they don't have but need?)

Here we go:

Better Homes and Gardens:  Loved the links here, some really interesting ideas, especially creating a crafting cabinet out of an old media cabinet.

HubPages:  Lots and lots of great ideas on this link.  I am thinking of adding a peg board to my back wall, and then adding shelves and other containers to the peg board, trying to get more organized in my little area.

Scrapbook Storage Solutions:  Lots of pretty interesting ideas here, you can find the products you want and then do a search to see what stores might carry the items you would like.

Organizational Tips:  Great article with a whole bunch of good ideas to incorporate into your crafting space.

Craft Storage:  Some really neat products in this search, you are going to like what you find here for sure.

Vertical File Folder:  This isn't cheap, but what a GREAT idea!

Cheap Storage for Stickles:  Loved this!  And I have to wonder how many other great storage ideas there are out there that can be found in the hardware store?

Crafty Storage:  This link is on the side of my blog, and you can never get enough of this ladies blog, just one of the best collections of links to all sorts of craft room organizing.  Grab some coffee because you will be on her site for quite a while.

For Keeps Sake:  Love this unit, however I do NOT love the price.  Here is something similar, for much, much less.  You can also search for "computer hutches" or "computer armoire" to find other types of furniture that might work for you as well.

Once we get our house somewhat finished I am working on completely reorganizing my workspace, including getting rid of things I don't use.  And yes, I am going to use some of the links above to guide me through the sorting and storing : )

Enjoy your week, stay warm and see you next week for some more fun and fabulous paper crafting links.

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