Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring forward with these GREAT links : )

Wow, March already?  This weekend we also turn our clocks forward by one hour, the start of Daylight Savings Time, will enjoy having the extra hour of daylight, but really do not like "adjusting" to the time change.

Winter is quickly coming to a close, though in my neck of the wood we haven't had much of a winter.  We did get some rain today, and now it is pretty windy, but for the most part our winter was a no show, most concerning was the lack of rain/snow which could impact us later this year or next.

No video this week, will try to work on it later this week, seems that the more time I have the more things end up on my plate...how did that happen?  Every "to do list" I make ends up with me adding more things than crossing off! Top on my list is a vegi garden, need to get the supplies to make a raised bed, then get the soil/worms and plants.  Am looking forward to being an urban farmer this year : ) Lots and lots of GREAT ideas/information on Pinterest (I have pinned more than I can handle at this point), now I need to see which of those ideas I can actually accomplish : )

This week's link have no "theme," just some things I have found while surfing online.  It still amazes me just how MUCH there is online!  Hope you enjoy the links for this week : )

Mini Album/Book:  Loved this tutorial, and am going to make a few myself (especially as I have far too much 12 x 12 paper just sitting around.)  What a cute idea for gift giving or instead of a card!

all crafts 12 Fabulous Papercraft Tutorials   Tips, Tricks and Trends

12 Papercrafting Tutorials:  Lots of great ideas here, posted by the same person who provided the Mini Album/Book idea above!

Loved the video below, Alcohol Ink Floating Background Tutorial, what a cool idea!  The backgrounds would make for some wonderful card or scrapbook projects:

One Minute Muse Art Journaling videos:  GREAT ideas here, not just for art journals, but for any type of paper crafting.  The video below is a great example of how you can make a simple design using water color and water, think outside of the box and what you can do with cards or scrapbooking pages! And there are lots more videos by One Minute Must to inspire you as well

blue orange
Keeping a color journal:  How many times have you wanted to create something and are at a loss because you just don't know what colors you should use?  Take a moment and check out this GREAT post on how to create a color journal!  I am going to work on this (have a small journal to use), saving color combinations that are unique and fun, as well as color combo's I forget about all the time.  This is also a GREAT way to save images from magazines, and will help when you go to create your next project : )


Colortopia:  While this is actually a tool to help you find colors when decorating a room, you can upload any image and get coordinating colors.  Take a picture of some patterned paper, upload and see what combinations this site comes up with (and I am going to use this for our extra room : )

Dye your own embellishments:  While the video below is talking about embellishments for quilts, all of the embellishments are the same ones we use for our paper crafting projects!  And don't forget to check out how to dye paper on the Rit Dye site, as well as their recipes you can use to mix over 500 colors!  I need to get some Rit Dye soon : )

Ok, that is all for this week, plenty to keep you busy (I hope : )

Have a GREAT week and don't forget to find time to craft!

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