Sunday, July 27, 2008

Great Tutorial Blogs

There is an appreciation for those bloggers who do tutorials on a regular basis (I have done a few and they have taken me days to complete). There is an even bigger appreciation for those bloggers who not only put up regular tutorials, but who also have a talent for teaching us a new technique or project.

Tonight I thought we could visit a few blogs that continually have updated tutorials, and good ones at that. What makes these tutorials so good? Clear and easy to follow directions, pictures (if needed) and something you might not have seen before.

Here are your links for tonight:

  • Sunflowers and Dragonflies: What an amazing blog this is, and even though this post is not a tutorial, make sure to read it for some excellent tips on how you can find time to make cards, things I would not have thought of but will be sure to incorporate! She has a great tutorial on using Pear Ex (on her old blog), and you have to see her distressed ink technique, all of her tutorials are wonderful. Every Tuesday she posts a new tutorial, so make sure to bookmark her blog and check back each week for something new.
  • Michelle Zindorf: I have posted a link to her site before, but her blog is so good, her technique so wonderful, her tutorials so absolutely inspiring that I had to post her again in case you missed her the first time. AND I am taking a class with her this Friday! Can't wait to meet her and learn from such a master. Check out this tutorial, this one and this one, and...well, each and every tutorial she has up is a must see.
That should keep you busy for a bit : )

Ok, off to get ready for Monday! Enjoy your evening and may tomorrow be your best day yet.

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Anonymous said...

I decided to google "crayon tutorial" to see what I can do for upcoming tuts, and the first one I came to was your. I was very impressed and decided to spend time on your blog, and what do I find? A link up to me (Sunflowers and Dragonflies). Thank you so very, very much.


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