Monday, July 28, 2008

Rubber stamping products that you will love

There are so many products out there, some are better then others, tonight I thought it might be fun to look at a few things that might be new to you (at least they were to me). Also, I wanted to highlight some products that I have just started using and absolutely love!

It is hard to give a review of a product if you haven't had a chance to purchase or use whatever it is you are writing about, however, if you have a friend like I do (Patricia), then you don't have any problem because she has all the cool new stuff : )

So, what are we talking about? Here goes:
  • Artlenz System: This is so cool! It is a whole system to make your images pop and move, hard to explain, but basically there are a few supplies you need, and once you get the supplies and put everything together, you will be amazed! This is sort of like those cards that have a plastic sheet over them with very fine lines, and when you turn the card the image underneath moves. I saw this in action at Patricia's house, and the pictures online just do not do this system justice, try it or get to a place that has this for you to see in person.
  • Chalk Board Paint: QVC has a collection of 10 colors in 2 ounce bottles, there are so many possibilities, you can paint paper, chip board (imagine the books you could make!), ornaments, just so many thngs with this great paint! I may try to purchase this set myself.
  • Earth Textures: Wonderful embellishments that are earth friendly, all sorts of textures and colors, you will love these products. Click here for a full look at this line.
  • Glitter Clean up Cloth: I need this, badly ; ) Especially given that I have been called the "queen of glitter." This looks like a great product to help you clean up your work area so the glitter that is spilled doesn't get on your cards that do not want glitter on : )
  • Scented Embossing Powder: I have some of this, haven't used it yet, but can't wait! I want to get the Christmas Pine Tree Scent for my Christmas cards, bought the Lavendar and will create a card with it soon.
And some products you have heard of but might not have tried yet:

  • Distressed Ink Pads: These are amazing! I have one, and now need to go get a few more. They are moist, and can be used in so many various ways, and the colors are so intense, if you have not yet purchased any of these, make sure to get at least one to see what they are all about. Here is a link to some of the techniques you can do with these amazing ink pads. And here is a link to a place you can purchase them, if you want other resources just type in "distressed ink pads" and google your search for more vendors.
  • Adriondarck Paint Daubers: I have the pearl and let me tell you the ways you can use this product are just endless. Usually I get a neutral color so that I can use it more ways, this product is so good that I am going to try to get more colors, again, it might not be new to you, but if you haven't yet tried it I highly recommend this product. I used the paint to ink up a stamp, stamped a white piece of cardsock, let it dry, then colored the cardstock with all sorts of nice inks, the white resisted the ink and gave a really neat effect.
Have a good one! If you have a product that you like let us know about it in the comments section. See you tomorrow : )


Anonymous said...

I also like to use the paint daubers by Ranger for image transfer. You can smear it all over an image you have printed out from a laser OR ink jet printer, then burnish paint side down onto nearly any surface. When the paint dries you remove the paper by spritzing with water and rubbing lightly. You are left with the image over a colored(whatever paint you used)background. Love those Ranger Daubers.

craft mad Jenny said...

nice, thanks. i have the chocolate embossing powder, and have used it a few times, but I don't think it smells very strong, but it does smell nice! yummy!!

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