Friday, February 27, 2009

Wow, so much to share!

I have been busy surfing the web, and WOW, are there some fun finds to share! First though, my FIL is doing well at my BIL/SIL's house, but I have not yet started clearing his house out...sigh. Next week I need to go over there and get rid of a whole house full of things, then we have to schedule some work, then we need to rent the house out so my FIL has the additional income.

Thank you all for your posts and emails, we are ever hopeful that Pops is going to be with us for many more years, the hardest part of his move has been making sure he has enough time with his girlfriend (we should all be so "spry" at 90 +).

Oh, and I also forgot to mention our poor injured Roxy (furry cat family member), about six weeks or so ago she had gone outside (I wanted indoor only cats, hubby thought it was cruel so he let both of our cats out all the time), and we tried to find her when it was time to go to bed, and no Roxy (she always came back when it was dark).

The next morning I called and called for her outside, no Roxy, and the night had been so cold, down into the low 30's, needless to say, I was upset. Finally around 1 pm I looked in the backyard, and there on a blue tarp we have covering an outdoor sofa, was Roxy. The poor thing could hardly move, I ran, picker her up, she howled in pain, brought her in and she couldn't walk or stand.

I didn't even look at what happened to her, packed her up, rushed her to the animal hospital, and she had a cut along the underside of her belly from one side to the other, about an inch or two deep, luckily it missed all of her internal organs.

She is on the mend, her injury still looks horrific, but she is walking around fine now, and we are investigating building an outdoor cat enclosure (no more "outdoor" cats for us). Ok, enough "personal" stories, time for the links!

StampTV: A social network JUST FOR STAMPERS using the "ning" application (you too can create your own social network using ning, it is easy and I have done a few of them for other organizations I belong to). The Stamp TV social network has been set up by Gina K Designs, and has videos, all sorts of contests, techniques, a place for you to have your own page, you can upload card photos, it is really a treat. All you have to do to sign up is create a user name and you are ready to go!

Oh, don't forget to check out the FREE downloadable paper that Gina K has for you, click here for the download.

PaperCraftPlanet: Another online community for stampers/paper crafters. I loved this site, with all of their tutorials, videos and more. Here is a great tutorial on the exploding box, very easy to follow directions.

Winter CHA: Here are a few links that review new products debuted at the Winter CHA, really neat stuff, and it is hard not to want almost everysingle thing!
  • Creating Keepsakes Blog: Great videos of new exhibitors at CHA
  • Scrapscene: Two links to posts on CHA, really fun read and some intereting products. The first post is here, the second one is here.
Where's George Stamps: What is Where's George? It is a website that tracks dollar bills as they travel around the country (click here for the website), when you get a dollar you can enter the denomination, series, and serial number of that bill and either start tracking it, or find out where it has been already. If you get a bill that has markings on it chances are that that bill is already in the system so you can see where it has been and where it goes after you enter your information. With summer coming it would be fun to get this stamp set and have the kids track dollar bills as a fun summer project.

365 Cards: Neat new blog that will have 365 days of cards, from what I can tell it is just getting started so make sure you bookmark the blog and check back often.

I bought a few new products that I will share with you in the next post, and some really neat rubber stamp links.

Have a great weekend everyone.


InkyAndScrappy said...

Well glad to hear all is well again, sorta. Thoughts and prayers with you and your loved ones dear.

Anonymous said...

The Gina K site is really great! Thanks for turning us on to that.

nativetexangirl said...

That will keep me busy for a while checking out those great links. Thanks. I hope Roxy gets well quickly. Poor thing. My cat, Bob, is strictly an indoor cat and is 13 now and very happy to live indoors! I know where to find him and he never gets hurt.

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