Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy almost Thanksgiving! More videos and links today : )

Good morning everyone, sorry my post is late today, but as fate would have it, two days before Thanksgiving and I have come down with a major cold..sigh.  There is too much to do around here to be sick, so I am going to just "ignore" the fact that I am sick and do what needs to be done, will be sick on Friday instead : )

I hope that you are getting ready for a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family, we are traveling to see my Dad in Bodega Bay, wonderful area, and it is always a treat to spend time with my Dad.  We are going to try a new method to cook the turkey, a high heat method.  If you have tried it, let me know how your turkey turned out (preferably before Thursday : ).

Our remodel project moves along, we now have a new floor in the kitchen and hall bathroom, the shower is finished in the hall bathroom and most importantly, the toilet has been installed, which makes us a two toilet family once again.

Still a number of things to be done, the molding has to be finished for the floors (am waiting so I can put more things away), we have to have the painter fix a few things, the vanity/sink/mirror needs to be installed in the hall bathroom, and I need to pick out a new dishwasher (our old one quit working two years ago).  And then we need to get the back bathroom floor fixed.

And no pictures this week because my camera had to be sent in for repairs, Cannon had some bad "chips" and my "Sure Shot" had one of the bad chips, all the pictures were turning out pink and blurry.  Should have the camera back within a week or so though.

Now, onto some GREAT videos and links.

Copic Marker System:  This is a very good explanation of how the numbers work for the Copic pens, if you have friends who are just starting to use Copics make sure to send them this article, it will help them understand what they need to achieve good shading with the markers.

Paper Possibilities:  WOW!  Wait until you see how this lady colors with colored pencils, I warn you though, you will want to run out and buy huge amounts of colored pencils : ) Here is a link to how she shades around her images, and here is a link I found on her blog to a color chart for Prisma colored pencils.

Papercraft Inspiration:  Tons of downloads and ideas here for Christmas, you will find paper, ideas and so much more!

And of course, a few videos that I found for you:

Here is one of five videos, make sure to see all of them here.  What I LOVE is the use of Copics with the Prisma colored pencils for shading, this technique gives your image some amazing depth and it is not all that hard:

Make sure you visit the blog for some amazing work by Chrissy, you will need to go to older posts to view some of her work, just amazing.

Loved the flowers in this next video, easy to make and the effect is just beautiful!

And how about some leaves to go with your flower?  LOVE this idea, the video is a bit long, but you see the process from start to finish, can't wait to try this:

That is all for this week, and I want to let you know how thankful I am to you for visiting my blog.  To you and yours a most wonderful Thanksgiving, and again, thank you for your continued support, it means the world to me.

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Mel said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I really appreciate your blog and the time you take to find all these great links. It sure saves me having to do it!

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